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1ParklandOne - Multifactor Authentication (MFA) FAQ1044312023-12-199166
2ParklandOne - Account FAQ542242023-12-1927176
3ParklandOne - Set Up Your Account643222023-12-1932513
4ParklandOne - Did Not Receive a Temporary Password From Admissions1332112023-12-191139
5ParklandOne - What is my Username?643132023-12-209288
6ParklandOne - Password Update Instructions if you have a Parkland-Owned Laptop876382023-12-203990
7ParklandOne - Forgot Password542392023-12-1915345
8ParklandOne - Change Password (if you know your existing password)542372023-12-1910214
9ParklandOne Password Update - What Are The Effects?854322023-12-194641
10ParklandOne - What is Multifactor Authentication (MFA)?1041652023-12-192791
11ParklandOne - Compare the Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Options1042332023-12-193425
12ParklandOne - Password Requirements542432023-12-196471
13ParklandOne - Update Your Secondary Email Address1332332023-12-19326
14ParklandOne - Change Your Display Language1332362023-12-1978
15ParklandOne - Use the Okta Verify Mobile Application for MFA1042192023-12-196736
16ParlandOne - Set up the Okta Verify Mobile Application for MFA1042162023-12-197976
17ParklandOne - Updating MFA Factors Before Getting A New Device or Phone Number1325132023-12-1936133
18ParklandOne - Add and Remove Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Options1046582023-12-198359
19ParklandOne - Set Up and Use SMS Text for MFA1043752023-12-194410
20ParklandOne - Set Up and Use Google Authenticator for MFA1042672023-12-196059
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