ParklandOne Password Change (For Employees) - What Are The Effects? What Systems Do Not Automatically Sync?

While most Parkland systems automatically sync and recognize your new ParklandOne password, Colleague (via the icon on the portal) and VPN do not. Please note that not every employee uses these additional applications. Please also note that you may have opted to have your browser remember your password for all systems (my.parkland, Outlook/Office 365, Cobra, etc.) and as such you will need to delete the auto-filled password, enter your new password, and have the browser update the stored credentials for that site. In addition, if you update your password while you are signed into Outlook and/or Skype with your old password, it will cease to receive or send messages once your password changes. You will need to sign out and then sign back in with your new password. For Parkland Wi-Fi to pick up the new password, you may need to go into your Wi-Fi settings, select that you would like to "Forget" the PCNet or Parkland network and then reconnect to it with your new password. Finally, changing your ParklandOne password on a Parkland-owned laptop from off-campus will result in the machine not recognizing your new password when you sign back onto it. Please see the last section of this article for the workaround for that scenario.

Once you change your ParklandOne password, you will need to manually update your password in Colleague and update your VPN profile (if you use these applications). Note, the Colleague instructions only apply if you access Colleague via the icon on  If you go in via, simply sign-in with your new password.

Colleague (via the icon on

1. When Colleague launches, you will get a login failed message. Click OK.


2. Select the link that says, Modify your UI single Sign-on credentials.
3. You will then enter your new ParklandOne password at the prompt.


Please see VPN Secure Access - Username or Password Change .

What if I change my ParklandOne password on a Parkland-owned device from off-campus?:

If you are on a Parkland-owned laptop and have already changed your password from off-site:  The laptop will NOT recognize the new password. You must  return to campus (or VPN in via the details below) for that to happen as the machine needs to reestablish connection to the Parkland network in order to recognize the new password.  Until then, you should sign on to the laptop with your OLD ParklandOne password.  You will sign onto everything else (email, my.parkland, etc.) with the NEW password. Once you return to Parkland, you should sign onto the laptop with your OLD password, restart the machine, and then sign in with your NEW password.

If you are on a Parkland-owned laptop and have not yet changed your password but would like to do so from off-site: It is recommended that you establish a VPN connection first. Please see VPN Secure Access - Description, Installation, and Usage for details on how to do that. Next, navigate to to change your password. You can close the VPN session at this time. You will sign onto the machine with the new password moving forward.

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