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ParklandOne Password Update - How Does This Impact Wi-Fi?

"ParklandOne" refers to your digital credentials for the College. It encompasses your Parkland username, password, and multifactor authentication (MFA). ParklandOne account management is powered by a system called Okta. This article explains the effects of a password update on Wi-Fi for existing students and employees (not new users who are setting up their ParklandOne account for the first time). It applies to those who have forgotten their password and those who want to change their password (but remember their current one).

It is difficult to capture all the behaviors across a myriad of different devices.  As such, this is intended to be a general guide for what to expect with Parkland Wi-Fi on your mobile device.

The "PCNet" Wi-Fi network (for employees) is what is pictured below, however, the same instructions apply to the "Parkland" Wi-Fi network (for students). 




1.Your connection to the Wi-Fi network will remain active until your device attempts to re-authenticate. When you go to Settings and then Wi-Fi, and try to click on PCNet or Parkland, you may see a message saying that it is unable to join the network.  Click OK to this and instead click on the "i" next to the network you would like to rejoin as pictured to the right of the arrow below.


2. Select Forget This Network.


3. A prompt will appear requiring you to confirm that selection. Select Forget.


4. Enter your username and your new password and select Join.


5. If you see a certificate message, select Trust.


6. It will indicate with a check mark that you are now connected.



1. Your connection to the PCNet WiFi network will remain active until your device attempts to re-authenticate. When it does attempt to re-authenticate, you may see a notification alerting you that there are “Wi-Fi networks available”. Click on that prompt and you will be taken to a Wi-Fi network selection tool.


2. Notice that the PCNet wireless network shows that an “Authentication error occurred”.  You must PRESS and HOLD the network that you are trying to connect to. A short tap will not get you to the proper screen.


3. Select Forget network.


4. After the network is forgotten, re-search for Wi-Fi networks, select PCNet or Parkland, and re-add it, entering your username and the updated password.

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