Okta - Use the Okta Verify Mobile Application

Once Okta Verify is set up, there are several methods of using the application to verify your identity within the Okta system when prompted. For instructions on how to use the Okta Verify app on your Apple Watch or Andoid Wear, please scroll to the bottom of this article.

NOTE: if you are using Okta Verify or Google Authenticator and you get a new mobile device, you MUST call the Tech Service Desk to have them clear out those factors on the admin side so that you can do a fresh setup of the app/s on your new phone.

When signing into an MFA protected service through Okta, you will be prompted by the system to utilize the Okta Verify option:

  • Choose an option to confirm your identity.
  • Option 1: Send Push
    • You can select the Send Push button to receive a pop-up notification on your mobile device. The notification allows you to accept or reject your authentication request. The notification expires in five minutes if you don't accept or reject the authentication request. To receive a new notification, sign in to Okta again and a new notification is sent to your mobile device.
    • You can select Send push automatically so that future notifications pop up automatically on your mobile device.
    • Tap the option on your mobile phone that confirms you tried to signed in to your Okta account. Your web browser redirects you to the service you attempted to sign in to.

  • Option 2: Enter code
    • You can click the Or enter code option to enter an Okta generated six-digit code provided in the Okta Verify app to confirm your identity. For security purposes, this code changes every thirty seconds and it is the intended behavior of any application that utilizes code based MFA. The code you enter is whatever code is currently being displayed in the app. 
    • Open the Okta Verify app on your mobile device.
    • Remember the verification code that appears on the screen. In the example below, the code for Okta is 745795. If the code rotates before you can finish typing it in, you will need to clear what you have typed and enter the new code that is in the app. If more than one account appears, use the one associated with the service you want to access.
      Okta Verify on Mobile showing six digit code

    • In your web browser, enter the code. Click Verify to continue.
      Okta Verify Code entry screen on computer browser with verify button highlighted

    • If the code you entered is correct, you will be signed into your Parkland Okta account and should be redirected to the service you were trying to access.

Review button and 3-number verification challenge:

  • If Okta detects an unusual sign-in attempt to your Okta account, a Review button may appear in the Okta Verify app. Okta may consider a sign in to be unusual based on a number of factors, including details about your device and your location. The Review button allows you to review the sign-in details and then access your Okta account after completing a simple verification challenge. The challenge helps to ensure that the sign in attempt came from you, not an unauthorized person.
    • Tap Review
      Review button on Okta Verify Mobile application

    • Under Did You Just Try to Sign In? review the location, device type, and authentication time shown, then do either of the following:
      • NOTE: Your location may not be exact and still be legitimate. Your location is based on your Internet Service Provider's location and may be in a different town. 
      • Option 1: If the review details match your device and current location:
        • Tap Yes, It's Me. Satisfy the security challenge as follows:
          • Three numbers appear on your mobile device
            Review Number challenge on mobile device

          • One number appears in your desktop browser
            Review number challenge browser

          • Tap the number on your mobile device that matches the number in the desktop browser.
          • Authentication succeeds and you are redirected to your Parkland Okta account.
      • Option 2: If the review details don't match your device and current location:
        • Tap No, It's Not Me This will deny the authentication attempt and prevent access to your Parkland Okta account. Contact the Tech Service Desk immediately to notify them of a potential account compromise.
          • 217-353-3333
          • techhelp@parkland.edu

How to Authenticate with an Apple Watch or Android Wear:

  • Apple Watch
    • The Okta Verify for Apple Watch app allows you to view and accept or reject Okta Verify with push notifications from your watch screen. The watch also displays a rotating one-time password to allow authentication if push notifications are not enabled or if internet connectivity is unavailable.
    • Once you've paired your watch with an iPhone, the Okta Verify app installs automatically. Note that while the app can be opened and used at any time, the watch only receives notifications from the iPhone if it is locked based on Apple design.
      Apple Watch Okta Verify push notification and code display

  • Android Wear
    • The Okta Verify for Android Wear app allows you to view and accept or reject Okta Verify with Push challenges from your watch screen.

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