Okta - Multifactor Authentication FAQ

This article answers some frequently asked questions in regards to the new Okta system and its MFA functionality.

1. What is MFA?
2. Will I need a mobile phone?
3. Where do I go to set up my factors for Okta?
4. Can I change my factors later on?5. What if I never receive a verification code or push notification?
6. When I am in the Okta Verify or Google Authenticator app, is it normal for the code to keep changing? 
  • This is the intended behavior for any application that utilizes code based MFA. The six digit number rotates often so the codes can’t be guessed or stolen by someone and used to log into your account. When you log in, you can either receive a push notification (Okta Verify only), or enter a code. If you opt for the push notification, you can ignore the code. Simply tap "Yes, it was me" on the app prompt that will appear. If you instead opt to enter the code, the code you enter is whatever code is currently being displayed in the app. If the code rotates before you can finish typing it in, you will need to clear what you have typed and enter the new code that is in the app. Please note that Google Authenticator shows a space in the middle of the 6-digit code.  Do not enter a space when typing in the code. 
7. If I get a new mobile device or new mobile number, what do I need to do to ensure that I am able to authenticate through Okta?
  • The best approach is to update your Okta information prior to getting rid of the old device or switching numbers. 
      • SMS Text Messaging or Voice Call - If your phone number has NOT changed, no action is needed on your part. If you are planning on changing your number, however, you will need to take action within Okta with your existing number prior to making that change. Please see Okta - Add and Remove MFA Options for more information. Set up a factor that you will be able to fulfill once your phone number changes. For example, if you currently have SMS set up for your existing number, set up Voice and link it to your new phone number instead. Once your phone number officially changes and the old number is deactivated, you can go to https://login.parkland.edu, use the dropdown arrow on the Okta authentication prompt to select Voice, go to Edit Profile, remove the old SMS option, and then Set Up SMS with your new phone number.                                                     
  • If these methods do not work or if you encounter any issues, please contact the Tech Service Desk at 217-353-3333. 
8. Is it recommended that I set up more than one factor? 
  • Yes. We recommend setting up more then one factor in case you lose access to one. This would allow you still sign into Okta and Okta connected services with your alternative factor/s.
9. How do I select which one of my enrolled factors I want to use when accessing a service that is secured behind Okta? 
10. I'm receiving a message when I go to log in that is warning me about a first time connection and it is not displaying my security image. The exact wording is “This is the first time you are connecting to login.parkland.edu from this browser”.  Should I be concerned?
  • This is normal behavior. Any time you log onto a new browser that Okta has not seen before, you will receive this message. After you sign in for the first time, any subsequent logins will properly display your security image. When you receive this message, you should also receive a new sign on alert email that is notifying you of this new login. If you ever receive this email unexpectedly and did not initiate the sign on, please contact the Tech Service Desk immediately at 217-353-3333 or techhelp@parkland.edu.
11. Why do I receive an email messages each time I set up a factor or delete/add a factor? Also, should I be worried if the activity details indicate that my location or operating system is inaccurate?
  • The purpose of the email is to ensure that you are informed when important actions are taken within your Okta account. Since the security of your account is of the utmost importance, if you don't recognize the activity, please contact the Tech Service Desk at 217-353-3333 or techhelp@parkland.edu immediately. Please note that the location listed within the email reflects the location of your internet service provider, not necessarily your physical location. Also, there is a known issue with the wrong operating system being displayed in the confirmation email when attempting to connect to VPN. 
12. What do I do if my account gets locked?
  • For security purposes, your account will automatically lock after ten incorrect login attempts.  You can either call the Tech Service Desk for immediate assistance or wait fifteen minutes for your account to unlock and then try again.  
13. How often will I need to re-authenticate?
14. When I’m exiting a Colleague UI session, I’m getting multiple prompts asking if I’m sure I want to leave the page. This prompt sometimes displays 2 or 3 times before I can successfully navigate away. Is this normal?
15. Can I use Google Voice or a similar product when enabling my factors?
  • Yes. If the phone number you want to use can receive SMS messages, it can be used for the SMS Authentication Factor. If the phone number you would like to use can receive a phone call, then you can use that phone number with Voice Authentication. Please note, however, that Google Voice and other similar 3rd party products are not supported by Campus Technologies and are not recommended.
16. What happens when I log out of an application that is connected to Okta?
  • When you log out of most Okta connected applications, you are also logged out of the Okta system. This means that if you were to try to connect to the same application (or other Okta connected applications), you will be prompted for your ParklandOne credentials and any required MFA prompts from the Okta system again.
  • Any other applications that you were already logged in through Okta will remained signed in until the login for that application either times out due to inactivity or until you log out of that application manually.
17. Why is the Okta app asking me to enter a domain name?  
  • If it is asking for a domain name, you installed the Okta Mobile app as opposed to the Okta Verify app. Please delete the Okta Mobile app and install the Okta Verify app instead. Okta Verify will not prompt you to enter a domain name.

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