ParklandOne - How to Enroll in the Password Management System

All employees and students receive a ParklandOne account for accessing Parkland's online systems. Open up a web browser and go to to enroll and manage your account. Please note that the enrollment process requires that you have a mobile phone that accepts text messages. If you do not have a mobile phone that accepts text messages or do not want to use your mobile number, you will need to contact the Tech Service Desk (217-353-3333). Let them know that you are trying to set up your ParklandOne account but do not have a mobile phone.

1. Enter your username ( ParklandOne - What is my Username? ) and click Continue. NOTE: Your username is sent via email to the alternative email address that is on file at Parkland.  Please read the Privacy Policy & Terms of Use, and then click I Agree. If you get a message saying, "User does not exist in selected domain," it may be because your account setup is still in process.  Please wait a day and try again or call the Tech Service Desk to inquire (217-353-3333).

2. The first time you use ParklandOne Password Station, you will need to enroll in the system. Click Continue to start the enrollment process.

3. Your username should already be filled in and you will need to enter your password and press Continue. NOTE: The initial default 8-character password for employees and students is sent via email to the alternative email address that is on file at Parkland.  

4. A the next prompt, enter your mobile phone number (include area code; no dashes needed) and click Send Validation Code Now. In the next field, enter the 4-digit validation code that was sent to your mobile phone via text message and then select Continue.
send validation code

5. You will now see the following screen. It may appear that you are done, but select Continue in order to change the password to something secure of your choosing. This is required for access to Parkland systems. 

6. For your Old Password, enter the one you used in step 3. When creating a New Password, please be sure to note the password requirements at the top of the screen. Confirm your new password and click Continue.

change password
7. If your password was successfully updated, you will see a screen that looks like the image below and contains one or more green check marks. It is just showing the various Parkland domains that the new password that you created will be used for. Press Continue. NOTE: If you do not see something similar to the chart below or are seeing red X's instead of green check marks, that means that you did not successfully update your password.

If you see red X's, the "Result" column may provide an explanation of what went wrong. Make note of this and press Continue and then select the Change Password option. For the Old Password, enter the same password that you used in step 3.  For the New Password, please be sure that you are following all of the requirements that are listed at the top of the screen.  Press Continue.  Be sure that you are seeing  green check marks in the table that appears.  If not, repeat this process until you do or please call the Tech Service Desk for assistance (217-353-3333). NOTE: If you encounter an error, DO NOT use the back arrow in your browser as it can cause further issues with the password change process.

8. Once you see the green check mark/s and click Continue, setup is now complete and you will see the following screen. Click Sign Out in the upper-right to close out of the system or click Continue to return to the options page for Use your newly created ParklandOne password for access to Parkland systems such as

9. If you ever forget your password, want to change your password, or would like to change the mobile number associated with your ParklandOne account, please navigate back to, enter your username, and select I Agree. You will then be prompted with the following choices:
  • Forgot Password
  • Change Password
  • Update Mobile Number


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