Parkland College - Employee Name Change

Please follow the below procedures in the event of a legal name change or if a chosen first name is desired.

1. Human Resources requires the submission of a form in order to update your employee record in Colleague.

2. Submit an Employee Account Request / Change Form for Campus Technologies to update your ParklandOne account and/or display name for the various Parkland systems. Once Campus Technologies confirms that your employee record has been updated in Colleague, they will proceed.

Important things to be aware of upon submission of the Employee Account Request / Change Form:

  • Chosen first name changes may or may not result in a ParklandOne username change. For example, if your legal name is Michael Smith (username MSmith) and your chosen first name is Micky, your ParklandOne username will remain MSmith and your Parkland email will remain Campus Technologies will simply update your display name from Michael to Micky in the various Parkland systems.
  • If changes to your username are required,it will result in temporary access issues to Parkland systems. Cobra Learning is the last system to pick up the ParklandOne account change and that will be 24-48 hours later. Because of this, Campus Technologies will not typically update usernames for Parkland faculty until the conclusion of the current semester.
  • If your ParklandOne username is updated, you MUST re-enroll in ParklandOne before you can access Parkland systems.
  • All email and folders will appear in your account just as they were prior to the name change.If a username change is required, an email alias will be in place for 90 days which will allow messages to be sent to both addresses in order to give you time to make the transition.
3. Assuming a ParklandOne username change is required, Campus Technologies will reach out and schedule a time for this update to occur. Once completed, your new username and a temporary password will be sent to the personal email address you have on file.
  1. Once received, you must enroll your new account in ParklandOne and create a secure password of your choosing. It is best to do this while connected to the Parkland network or via VPN if remote. Prior to changing your password, if you are signed into any applications with your old credentials, please sign out before proceeding. Navigate to and sign in with your new username. Click, Next and it will prompt you for your password. Enter the temporary password that was sent to your alternative email address. Please have your mobile phone on hand and click here if additional enrollment instructions are needed. ParklandOne Password Update - What Are The Effects?
  2. Next, you will be prompted to set up multifactor authentication. For instructions on setting up multifactor authentication, please see [Link for document 104190 is unavailable at this time].

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