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Adding YuJa Videos to Cobra Courses

Using YuJa Links/Embed Code

So, as explained in the YuJa Video Basics KB article, when you hover over a video and select "More", you'll get some options for that video.  Select the Links option and you'll get access to the direct link that you can copy and paste as a URL in Cobra, or you can copy the embed code and paste it into the Insert Stuff option of the Create a File content type in Cobra.

YuJa share link options

NOTE: when you share the links or embed them this way in Cobra, it will connect to the gradebook.  You can still gather analytics on the videos, but you will need to enter quiz and percentage watched grades in Cobra manually.

Using Existing Activities Within Cobra

The best way to add YuJa videos and quizzes to Cobra is through the Existing Activities integration.  On the content page of the course in which you want to add the video, click Existing Activities and scroll down to YuJa 1.3 and click it to access the integration.

selecting existing activities and Yuja 1.3

Videos Only

If you want to add your videos only and not have any grade component (i.e. no quiz or percent watched credit), then after clicking the activity link, click the Media option in the YuJa window, find the video you want to add and select it, then click Insert Content.

NOTE:selecting more than one video at a time will insert a playlist of the videos...not each of the individual video links.

selecting the video from the yuja library

After inserting the video link, it will show in the content listing as an external learning tool link.

YuJa Video link in Cobra course

Video Quizzes

If you are wanting to add a video that contains a quiz to your Cobra course so that the grade syncs to the course gradebook, then after you click the existing activities link, you'll click on the Quizzes tab in the YuJa window.  Locate your video quiz, select it and click Insert Content.

inserting a video quiz into Cobra

When you review your content page, you'll see the Video Quiz as an external learning tool link in Cobra. 

Video quiz located in Cobra content

This will allow students to watch the video, take the quiz and the grades to be synced to the Cobra gradebook.  

NOTE: the students must click the Submit button for the grade to be synced to Cobra.  Simply stopping at the end of the video will NOT submit the grade.

student video quiz submission

Playback (Watching) Quizzes

If you want to grade students on the act of watching the video, then you'll create a playback quiz in YuJa.  (See also Cobra Learning - YuJa Video Quizzes).  You can base your grade on full credit if they watch a certain percentage of the video, or the grade can be based on the percentage of the video watched.

Creating a playback quiz in YuJa

After creating the video, you will access the quiz in the same manner via the existing activities button in Cobra, and then selecting the Quizzes tab.  Locate the playback quiz, select it and click Insert Content.

selecting a playback video quiz in Cobra

Once added to Cobra, it will appear in the content as an external learning tool.  NOTE: if you want it to appear without the playback quiz title (or without percent watched), you can Edit Properties in Place to change the name.  The grade will sync to Cobra when the students complete the viewing.

percent watched video

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