Cobra Learning: Yuja Video Advanced

Cobra Learning - YuJa Video Advanced

YuJa Video Platform is a web-based recording solution that allows faculty, staff and students the ability to record, edit, caption, publish and share video content with ease. (See YuJa Video Basics). In this article, we will cover more detailed features, like adding quizzes, reviewing analytics, commenting, etc.

Table of Contents:

  1. Adding Quizzes
  2. Reviewing Analytics
  3. Video Commenting
  4. Change Owner vs. Sharing

Adding Quizzes

As with our previous video platform, YuJa offers the ability to add quizzes to your videos to engage students in the content further by prompting them to respond before continuing to watch.

To add a quiz to your video, hover over the chosen video and click the More option and then click on Quizzes. You have two choices for quizzes: Video Quiz or Playback Quiz.

Setting up a quiz in YuJa

Video Quiz

Select the Create Video Quiz button to be taken to the quiz creation screen. You'll need to give your quiz a title, then start playing the video. When you reach a point that you want to insert a question, stop and click the Add Question button. You have seven question options (for more details about each of these question types, visit YuJa Help Center):

  1. Multiple Choice
  2. Select Multiple
  3. Short Answer
  4. True or False
  5. Reflective Pause
  6. Decision Point
  7. Fill-in-the-Blank

Adding a title and questions to your quiz

You enter the question in the text box (which has a limited editor bar for customizing the question text), enter the point value for the question, enter your answer options along with selecting the correct response(s). (Some question types offer the option for hints). Click Save when you are done. Then start playing the video again until you reach the next question point and repeat these same steps to enter quiz questions until you are done.

Question setup options

NOTE: you cannot enter multiple questions at the same video point, you must move the slider forward to enter another question.

As you add questions, they will load into the question list to the right of the video, so that you can see what questions have already been added. You can also preview your video quiz to see how it will appear for viewers. The Post option allows you to send notifications to your students that a quiz has been posted; however, it only sends a notification that it is available IN YuJa. It does NOT post it directly to the LMS. (See YuJa Video Basics for details on how to add a quiz to the LMS).

Question list display

Under the Settings option, you can control the way the users interact with the video, such as disabling fast-forward, disable resubmission, record all attempts or most recent, allow unlimited attempts, and select which score to send to the LMS.

Quiz options setting for experience and scoring

Once you are done setting up your quiz, click the Save button. This will store the video with quiz in your media library for access through Cobra to add to your course. 

Playback Quiz

The playback quiz option allows students to earn credit for simply watching the video. Select the Create Playback Quiz button from the initial setup page.

On the setup screen, give the quiz a name and then select the credit type from the two options: 1) full credit given based on a threshold watched (i.e. if a student watches at least 80%, they get the credit; or 2) credit given for percentage watched (i.e., if they watch 80% of the video, they get 80% of the possible score). Click Create when done.

Creating a playback quiz

Once your quizzes are created, you will see them on the Quizzes list for the video. You will see the summary of each quiz as well as manage or edit them. You will also be able to access the activity logs for each quiz. If you expand the quiz details, you will see the link and embed code with which you can share to access the quizzes THROUGH YUJA directly. To add the quizzes in Cobra, see the YuJa Video Basics KB article - do not add the link or embed code to Cobra.

Quiz setup details

When the quizzes are added through Cobra, the scores will sync to the gradebook automatically. If you share the links via email or linked in Cobra, the scores will NOT transfer to Cobra.

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Reviewing Analytics

As with our previous video platform, YuJa offers analytics to gain an understanding of how your students are interacting with your video content.

Hover over your video and click the more option, then select Analytics. The summary you see on that screen will show you the duration of the video as well as the size in megabytes. It will give you the total views (duplicated users), number of unique views (individual users), number of downloads, and the total play length (of all views) as well as the percentage played. The visual will give you a chart of the viewing behavior as well as a table option. But wait...there's "more."

Reviewing the basic analytics information for a video

Select the More button at the bottom of the screen to be taken to a new page of expanded analytics data. All of the summary data from the previous screen is included, but you have additional options:

  1. Playback: will list all of the students who have viewed the video, how many times they've viewed it, total play length and percentage, first and last watched dates, and a graph of this data.
  2. Sessions: gives you details of when each user opened the video, last active, time watched, how they accessed it ( or, their computer system, browser and media plugin, as well as their location (United States, Illinois).
  3. Bandwidth: will show the bandwidth use of the video on specific days, so you see when the heaviest viewing occurs.
  4. Technology: shows the browsers used (including mobile) and the system used (including mobile).
  5. Segment Views: is divided into 5 second intervals and shows the number of views per interval, so this can let you know where you start to lose students in the video.
  6. Session Dates: will show the data from the first date it was available to the current date and how many views in that period.
  7. This data can also be downloaded as a spreadsheet and/or deleted. NOTE: if you want new data each semester, you might want to consider downloading the current data and then deleting it from YuJa, so you can get unique analytics for each semester.

You can also change your "group" or folder of videos as well as the video options from those groups without having to go back to your media library page.

Usage and Analytics for overal content with expanded options

From this Usage and Analytics Page, you can also select the Users option, select the course and then select the user, so that you can view the data for individual users over all of the course videos, rather than through the individual video data itself.

Usage and Analytics for indvidual users

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Video Commenting

Video commenting can be a helpful tool for engaging students in video content, including the ability to ask questions that might help with clarity. This allows them to further engage with the course content as well as each other and the instructor.

By default, the commenting option is turned on for all videos in YuJa. If you want to disable comments, you'd hover over the video and click the More option and then Comments. Select Disable and click Save Comments. If you enable comments, you can choose who can comment and then who can see the comments. So, you can allow everyone to comment, but only allow the comments to be seen by the owner of the video. By default, everyone can comment and everyone can see them when it's enabled.

Setting up video commenting

After a comment has been made on the video, you can see it in this tool as well. When the video is active, it will have a split screen icon in the player bar that when clicked will show a menu for searching the video. Comments is one of the options and this is where users would post the comments and view them.

Comment view including search video menu expanded

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Change Owner vs. Sharing

Sometimes instructors (video owners) want the ability to share video content with colleagues without having to duplicate the video. YuJa offers some options for sharing but it's important to understand the options and how they work.

When you hover over a video in your media library and select the More option, you'll have an "Owner" option under the General tab, in which you can Change Owner. After you click the Changer owner option, you can search for another YuJa user to give ownership of the video. Note that when you do that, it removes it from your library and gives it to the new user. You will no longer have access to this video.

general video options including the change owner button

When you hover over a video in your media library and select the Share option, you can select an individual from the list of users with whom to share the video. The video remains in your library, but also shows in their "shared with me" library. You can choose the access they have, from full access (ability to delete), edit access, or read only. Any editing/changes they make will be made to the original video in your library as well.

Resource sharing options

Through the "More" and Links options, you can share a link to the video only or embed it for sharing as well, with full control of the video remaining with your as the owner.

Link sharing options

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