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Registration will be required in order to access Parkland systems that utilize multi-factor authentication through Okta. The initial scope of connected systems and applications will be small but the eventual goal is to have most Parkland systems require Okta MFA for access. MFA is an additional layer of security on top of your ParklandOne username and password and it is necessary in order to keep your account as safe as possible moving forward. Registration involves choosing and setting up your authentication methods.

  1. Navigate to login.parkland.edu and enter your ParklandOne username select Next.

Okta sign-in prompt for ParklandOne username

2. Enter your ParklandOne password and select Verify.

Okta sign-in prompt for ParklandOne password

3. Click a picture to choose a security image and then select Create My Account. Moving forward, this image will appear when you sign in to an Okta connected service. The image provides extra assurance that you are logging into Okta, as opposed to a fraudulent website.


4. Select the Okta MFA Registration button if presented with that option.


5. Set up your multi-factor authentication options.  It is recommended that you set up more than one factor so that if you don't have access or if you lose one of them, you will have at least one backup method for authenticating and accessing Parkland systems. Selecting more than one factor does NOT mean that you will have to authenticate through all of the methods each time you sign in. It simply provides you with more options. To make an informed decision regarding which factors you want to select, please reference the following KB article: Okta - Compare the MFA Options

6. Once you have decided on your factors, select the corresponding Setup button on the "Set up multifactor authentication" prompt as pictured below. Please note that the Okta Verify mobile application meets web accessibility requirements and is the recommended and most preferred factor. 


7. Select the appropriate links below for the setup/usage instructions specific to the factors that you choose. 

Okta - Setup the Okta Verify Mobile Application

Okta - Use the Okta Verify Mobile Application

Okta - Setup and Use Google Authenticator

Okta - Setup and Use SMS Authentication

Okta - Setup and Use Voice Call Authentication

8. Once your first factor has been set up, you will be routed back to the "Set up multifactor authenticationprompt and a check mark will display to indicate that you have successfully set up that factor. The list of factors will now be divided into two sections. "Enrolled factors" will be at the top and "Additional optional factors" will be at the bottom. 


9. You can now configure one or more additional factors by selecting the corresponding Setup button as you did in step 5. Once the setup for each additional factor is complete, you will see a check mark next to that factor and it will appear in the "Enrolled factors" section on your list. When you are done setting up your desired factors, select Finish button at the bottom.


10. You will now be presented with a page thanking you for your registration in Okta MFA.  Click on the sign out button to log off. Signing out is always an important step, no matter the system, to ensure that your privacy and data are protected. 


11. A message will appear indicating that you have successfully signed out. You are now done with the registration process and for security purposes, you will want to close out your browser (or that tab in your browser) to ensure that your Okta session is completely closed.

Okta Sign Out Successful Message

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