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System widgets

System widgets are defined by the Cobra Learning platform. You cannot modify the contents of system widgets, but you can change where the widgets are located on your course homepage and customize their display options (see Adding and moving widgets on your homepages in Cobra Learning - Homepage Management).

Activity Feed

Activity feed is a social-media inspired widget to post announcements, link to course content or activities, and allow learners to post comments.


The Announcements widget communicates important updates and information to users. You can create news items with formatted text, graphics, audio, and quicklinks. You can also choose the date range and conditions for a news item's availability.


This widget is used to show bookmarked  course content. The bookmark widget is typically located on course offering homepages and can provide a shortcut to the bookmarked content.  Bookmarks are added in content by clicking the Add Bookmark icon in the upper right corner of the content page.  To remove the bookmark, click this same icon.


This widget can be customized by the instructor to assist with taking attendance in a classroom class, a computer classroom, or an online class.  It can also be connected to the gradebook.  


The Calendar widget consists of a mini-calendar and a list of upcoming events. It displays all events created by instructors and administrators for the applicable month. Clicking on a day in the widget's mini-Calendar filters the event list to only display events for that day. Clicking on an event in the widget takes you to the event in the Calendar tool.

Content Browser

The Content Browser widget enables you to browse course content, view recently visited topics, and view bookmarked topics from your course homepage. You can access your recently viewed and bookmarked topics from the content browser home and use the drill-down menu to navigate course content topics and modules. As you navigate deeper into content modules, the navigation at the top enables you to move up one module level or jump backwards to the Content Browser home. To view a topic, click on its name to launch it in View Content. The Content Browser widget retains the place you left off when you return to your course homepage.

Google Search

The Google Search widget enables you to search the web from your homepage. Your search results open in a new window using your default internet browser.

My Courses

The My Courses widget shows course offerings users are enrolled in and have access to. Users can navigate to course homepages by clicking the names of course offerings in this widget.  The widget can be filtered to show courses by term or by role.

My Settings

The My Settings widget only displays links the user has permission to view. These permissions are located under Account Settings in the Roles and Permissions tool.

Office 365

This widget provides a shortcut to the user's institutional Office 365 account and will show current unread email, upcoming calendar events, and provide quick access to OneDrive.

Role Switch

Role Switch allows users to view the course in a role that is within their permissions to do so.


The Tasks widget enables you to view and manage tasks from the Calendar tool. You can add a due date and additional notes to each task, and the system sorts them into the categories of Today, Upcoming, or Someday (no due date).

If you mark a task complete, it disappears from the list. However, you can click the View Completed Tasks link to review the tasks you've finished.


The Updates widget will display ungraded quizzes and dropbox assignments, as well as unread discussion posts.  It is a quick visual of items in the course that need attention.

User Links

The User Links widget allows users to create a personal list of links to external websites.

Add a new link

  1. Click Add links from the widget menu.
  2. Enter a link Name and URL.
  3. Click Save.

Edit or delete an existing link

  1. Click  Edit links from the widget menu.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Change the link Name, URL or Order.
    • Click the Delete icon to delete the existing link.
  3. Click Save.

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