Leave: Paid Leave using Time Entry (Biweekly Payroll)

Biweekly employees, who are eligible for Illinois Paid Leave, can document/record their missed work hours and use their leave benefit.


In compliance with 820 ILCS 192/Paid Leave for All Workers Act, effective January 1, 2024, Parkland College will offer paid leave to eligible employees.

  • Illinois Paid leave may be used by the employee for any purpose as long as the paid leave is taken in accordance with the provisions of this act. 
  • Unused Illinois Paid leave hours will be forfeited and are not paid out upon separation. 
  • An employee may only use a maximum of 40 Illinois Paid Leave hours in one fiscal year.  
  • The accrual rate for this plan type is 1 hour earned for every 40 hours worked, a rate of 0.025 per 1 hour worked.

The below instructions focus on paid leave time entry.  For time entry specific directions, view Self Service Time Entry for Employees (Bi-Weekly Payroll).


  • Paid time can only be used for missed scheduled work hours.
  • Paid time can only be used for the active or future pay periods.  It cannot be retroactively applied.  

Requesting Time Off

Notify your immediate supervisor for any time off needs. 

  • For foreseeable/planned leave, an employee may be required to provide 7 calendar days’ notice.
  • If the need for leave is not foreseeable, an employee shall provide notice as soon as practicable.
  • The notice of leave can be made verbally or in writing/email. 

Record Approved Paid Leave Hours on your Time Entry online form

  1. Log in to Self Service (https://go.parkland.edu/selfservice)

  2. Click on "Employee"

  3. Select "Time Entry"

  4. Select the week you are entering paid leave for within the pay period **Pay special attention to the dates**
    Select Week

  5. Select the correct position to record leave hours on (important if you have more than 1 position).  All positions are listed in the Pay Period Week.
    Select Position (If multiple)

  6. Click "Additional Time"
    Additional Time Button View
  7. Select "Illinois Paid Leave"

    Select Leave Type
  8. Enter the applicable paid leave hours to be used to cover the absence (pending available hours) under the appropriate date.

    You will not need to clock in/out to use these paid leave hours; you will only enter the amount of hours to be used.

    1. Example 1:  Scheduled to work 8 am to 12 pm, but only worked 8-10 am.  Enter clock in hours for start and end times (8 am and 10 am) for the work date.  Then, click Additional time, select Illinois Paid leave, and put 2.0 in the field for Illinois Paid Leave at the bottom of the work date.
      Entry example for partial absence

    2. Example 2:  Scheduled to work 8 hours, but did not work any hours.  Do not enter any clock in hours.  Click Additional time, select Illinois Paid leave, and put 8.0 in the field for Illinois Paid Leave under the scheduled work day missed hours.

      Entry example for full absence
  9. Save your updates to your time card. (System should also autosave.)
  10. Submit your timecard per payroll published deadlines.


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Summer:  7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., M – Th

For general inquires, email Payroll@Parkland.edu

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