Self Service Time Entry for Employees (Bi-Weekly Payroll)

This article covers how to access and use time entry for employees in Self Service.
Log into Self-Service at

Click on Employee.

Select Employee

Select Time Entry.
Select Time Entry
Select which week you are entering time for within the pay period. Please pay special attention to the dates.
Select the Correct Week
If you have multiple positions, it is important to enter time separately for each position as the time sheet is routed to the appropriate supervisor and the time entered is charged to that department’s budget. You will see both positions in the Pay Period week.
Separate timesheets if you have multiple positions
You will need to enter Time In and Time Out for each day worked.  For Time In and Time Out entry, you have two options. You may select your In and Out times from the pre-populated times in the drop-down list.  Click in any box to use the drop-down list.  You may also type your In and Out times if they are not available on the drop-down list. Please include AM or PM with your time (i.e. 8:23 AM, 12:47 PM, 3:15 PM). You are required by law to report actual time worked.
Your supervisor may review your time entry at any point during the pay period. Please enter your Time In as soon as you arrive and Time Out at the end of each day, prior to leaving the office or work area.
 Enter time in and time out
Remember to enter your Time In and Time Out for unpaid meal breaks. When you are scheduled to work 7.5 continuous hours or more, you must take a 30-minute, unpaid meal break. The 30-minute, unpaid meal break must be taken no later than 5 hours after beginning work.
Click the + to add additional time or the to delete time if needed. See image below.
If you did not work, please leave the field blank for the corresponding date.
Use - + button to indicate meal breaks
The system will typically save your work as you enter it. However, if needed, you can save your electronic time card by clicking the Save button.
Repeat each step to enter time daily until your time for the pay period is complete.  
Save button
When you are ready to submit your weekly time card to your supervisor for time approval, please select the Submit for Approval button. When you click the Submit for Approval option, this becomes your electronic signature acknowledging your submitted time is accurate and ready for supervisor approval. 
An email will automatically be sent to your supervisor indicating that your time is ready to be reviewed and approved. Once you have submitted your time for approval, it can be modified only by your supervisor or the Payroll Department.  
It is you and your supervisor’s responsibility to ensure time entry is reported accurately according to the law and that the time sheet is signed and approved by the due date established by the Payroll Office. Manual checks will not be issued for late time sheets.
Submit for approval button
To enter time for a different week, you can select the week from the list, or you can use the arrow buttons to move between the pay period weeks.  Each week’s time must be submitted and approved separately.
Use arrow buttons to select week
If you notice an error in your submitted time AND your supervisor has NOT approved your time yet, you can click the Return Timecard to Edit option to modify your time.
Return Timecard to Edit
Once you click that, you may change or add any missed time. Your timecard will need to be submitted for approval again. Please click on the Submit for Approval button again for any week that you modified or added time to.
Click Submit for Approval
Once you submit your time to your supervisor for the pay period, you will receive an email confirmation stating your time sheet has been approved.  Please be sure that you submit time for both weeks, if applicable.  You will receive an email for each week’s submission.  See the example below.
-----Original Message-----
From: <> 
Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2021 8:29 AM
Subject: Approve
Your timesheet has been approved.
If you get the following email, your time sheet has been rejected for some reason.
Rejected Timesheet
You will need to log into Self Service and correct your time sheet.  You must then resubmit your time sheet for approval. Please be sure that you are clicking on the Rejected week and correcting the time.
Select time sheet in Self Service to correct
Please click on the Comments box, to see why your timesheet was rejected.
Comments button
You will see the following box. Click Close to go back to the previous screen.
View comment and then click close
Please be sure to correct any issues with your times and click Submit for Approval once you have corrected the issues. Once your time sheet is approved, you will receive the email above showing your approval.

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