Payroll Process: Payroll Authorization Overview

This is an overview of all the steps that occur when a payroll authorization is submitted, along with examples of when this should occur.

When to Submit a payroll authorization:

There are many scenarios when a department will need to submit a payroll authorization, including but not limited to:

    1. A new hire for a student or biweekly hourly position is identified from a hiring process

    2. A student employee is being rehired for a subsequent semester

    3. A biweekly hourly position is being renewed for a new time period

    4. A payment is needed for a current full time employee, part time faculty, or new hire for a position paid monthly 

How to Complete the Payroll Authorization

See: Nintex - Initiate Payroll Authorization 


    1. The person submitting the payroll authorization is called the "Initiator."

    2. The Initiator will receive a confirmation email once the payroll authorization is submitted.

    3. The Initiator can see the status of their submissions by visiting


The payroll authorization will be routed as applicable to: Payroll, Human Resources, Approvers (Chair/Director, Dean, VP of area), Benefits & Compensation Manager, and CFO.  *Not all steps will occur for all forms.  

At each step, the designated person(s) in each group will receive an email notifying them to take action to approve or deny the request.  Each group will review their applicable items (ex. HR checks for new hires and existing assignment conflicts).

Approval Steps for Approvers

See: Nintex - Payroll Authorization for Approvers

Each approver noted on the applicable payroll authorization will receive an email notifying them to take action to approve or deny the request.

Approvers can also access their active tasks via the Nintex Dashboard -

Finalized Authorizations

When a student or biweekly hourly authorization has been approved by all signers:

    1. Payroll will add the assignment to the HRIS system
    2. Payroll will send a notification to the initiator/supervisor that the authorization is complete and the assignment can begin  

When a monthly payroll authorization is complete:

    1. Payroll will add the assignment to the HRIS system
    2. The employee to be paid can view their approved payment information under Stipend History, available in Self Service at

In the case of a new hire, note:

    • Pay authorization may be held up for new hire paperwork completion with HR
    • Work cannot begin until the initiator/supervisor receives the Payroll notification noted above


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