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Cobra Learning - Setting Up Respondus LockDown Browser + Monitor


Respondus LockDown Browser Setup

Because Respondus LockDown Browser is already part of Cobra Learning, you just need to do the following to access it and set it up.

  1. Click on Quizzes in your course and then click on the LockDown Browser tab. Select Quizzes then LockDown Browser
  2. Once LockDown Browser loads, you will see a list of all of your quizzes in your course and whether they are already set up for LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor.  Locate the quiz that you want to set up.Lockdown browser shows all quizzes, locate the one you want to set up
  3. Click the dropdown arrow next to the quiz and click Settings. Select dropdown arrow and click settings
  4. From the settings tab, select the "Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam" button.Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.
  5. That will expand the menu of settings for LockDown Browser. Setting a password is optional, but note that you will need to give this to the testing center and/or the students to access the exam.  We suggest NOT using a password, since it is not required.  Click the button to see the advanced settings.Advanced Settings for Lockdown Browser
  6. Under Advanced Settings,  you have some additional options for your exam (note that you can click the explain link for more details):
    • Lock students into browser until exam is completed.  This will not allow students to exit the exam and get back in easily.  They can exit, but they are warned and required to enter a reason that will be recorded as part of their submission.
    • Allow students to take this exam with an iPad.  Students are required to use a computer for Respondus LDB.  They cannot use a mobile device or tablet, except an iPad and ONLY if you allow it.
    • Allow access to specific external web domains.  Students cannot access external sites like etextbooks, etc. without those sites being entered in advance of the test.
    • Enable calculator on the toolbar.  Students can use a provided calculator within the browser, but note that their screen is not recorded, so you will not see their use of it.
    • Enable printing from the toolbar.  If you are giving them notes or a worksheet within the exam and want them to be able to print it, you'll need to allow printing; otherwise, they will be unable to do so.Advanced settings
  7. Now, if you are done setting up the Respondus LockDown Browser for testing on campus in the Assessment Center, you can click Save + Close.  Otherwise, continue to the next section on Respondus Monitor, for remote proctoring.

Respondus Monitor Setup

Respondus Monitor is part of the LockDown Browser features and allows for students to take their tests from any location using the LockDown Browser on their own computer.  NOTE: it does require a download and install for the students.

  1. Under the LockDown Browser settings, you'll see the Monitor Webcam Settings.  Select Require Respondus Monitor for this exam.  (NOTE: if the students do not have a webcam available to them, then you can select the either/or option that will allow them to come to campus and take it in the testing center without a webcam).Require Respondus Monitor for this exam
  2. Once you select the require option, you'll get a pop-up with information about Monitor.  You can check the box to not show this message again and click Continue.
  3. You can now establish the startup sequence for your exam (click on Preview to see what will show).  
    • A webcam check is required, because webcams are required.  If students do not have a webcam, they will be unable to take the test.
    • You can select additional instructions to add at the start of the exam.
    • You can show guidelines and tips.
    • You can choose whether to require that the student take/submit a student photo.  While this is optional, it is recommended.
    • You can choose whether to require a student ID or not.  NOTE: if students use their college-issued ID, that will not display their address or personal information.
    • Environment check will require the students to use the camera to show their environment to ensure that no other people or materials are in the room.
    • Facial detection is turned on by default as well and this is to ensure that students stay in the frame of the camera at all times.  
    • Some additional facial recognition options include not allowing students to start the exam if their face is not detected; and/or whether they get a pop-up notification if their face is not detected during the test.
  4. If you click Advanced Settings, you'll see that you can allow another application to use the microphone during the test, such as Zoom or Teams.  You can also request that webcam videos be made available for viewing on mobile devices (by default, they will appear for maximum optimal viewing on a computer).  Once your setup is complete, click Save + Close.

Previewing Respondus LockDown Browser + Monitor Setup

  1. Once you have saved and closed, you will be taken back to your LockDown Browser listing of quizzes, where you will now see your quiz in the list as requiring LDB and Monitor.
  2. If you click the Quizzes link, you'll note your test is there and now has the appended name of  " - Requires Respondus LockDown Browser + Webcam."  This is done as to note that the setup is complete and that LDB and/or webcam is required for the test.
  3. Select the dropdown next to the quiz name, and click Preview.
  4. You will now see how the quiz startup sequence will look for students.  If you check the "bypass restrictions" box, you will be able to see how the exam will look.  Students will be prompted to download and install LockDown Browser on their computers in order to take the exam.  (See Cobra Learning - Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor for the student view).

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