Colleague UI5 - FAQ

QIs Okta Multifactor Authentication required when accessing UI5?

A: Yes. For more information on Okta MFA, please see Okta - Multifactor Authentication FAQ

Q: Am I limited to what browser I can use when opening UI5?

A: No. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer all support UI5. No matter which browser you use, however, having too many tabs open may affect performance.

Q: Can I access my Favorites in UI5?

A: Yes. You can access your Favorites in UI5 by clicking on the star in the upper-left hand corner of the page. For information on how to add to your favorites, please see Colleague UI5 - Adding and Removing Favorites .

Clarification: Forms that users visit in UI5 are saved in the Form Search History for quick access, but this is not the same as saving the form(s) in the Favorites.  When the browser’s cache is cleared, the Form Search History is erased and will repopulate as users visit the forms again.  When the browser’s cache is cleared, the Favorites will remain in place.

Q: How do I keep the context open in UI5?

A: By default, Colleague UI5 does not keep the context open so if you are in a person record and then you search for a form, it does not link the two. You can easily enable it, however, by clicking on the thumbtack icon as shown below. This setting will save and you will not need to do this again once it is enabled.


Q: Why won't content appear when I select the Field Help option in Firefox or Chrome?

A:  The pop-up blocker is preventing the browser from displaying the content. See below for how to add the site as an exception.

field help

1.    Click the menu icon (three horizontal lines in the upper-right).
2.    Click Options.
3.    Click the Content in the left-hand column.
4.    Go to the “Pop-ups” section and select Exceptions.
5.    Enter and select Allow. Click Save Changes.
6.    You can now close out of the Options tab.

1.    Click the menu options (three vertical dots in the upper-right).
2.    Select Settings.
3.    Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Advanced.
4.    in the "Privacy and security" section, click Content settings.
5.    In the "Pop-ups and redirects" section, click on the arrow and select Add in the “Allow” section. Enter and select Add.
6.    You can now close out of the Settings tab.

Q: Is there an instructional video available?

A:  Yes.

UI5 Instructional Video

Q: Will single sign-on be available with UI5?

A:  Not at this time. Users will be shown a login screen when they want to log into UI5.
      Users will then need to provide their ParklandOne credentials to gain access to UI5 from this login page. Once signed in, users will then be prompted for Okta MFA authentication. 

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