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Cobra Learning - Creating and Managing Attendance Schemes


Creating and managing attendance schemes

  1. Create a course attendance scheme
  2. Check which registers are associated with a scheme
  3. Edit an attendance scheme
  4. Delete an attendance scheme

Create a course attendance scheme

  1. Click Attendance Schemes from the tool menu.
  2. Click New Scheme.
  3. Enter a Name for your scheme.
  4. In the Attendance Statuses section, enter a Symbol, Status Full Name, Assigned % and Order for each of your statuses.
  5. If you need more than three statuses, click Add Statuses. Enter a number in the corresponding field to add multiple statuses at one time.
  6. Click Save.

Check which registers are associated with a scheme

Click the Information icon beside the scheme that you want to see associated registers for.

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Edit an attendance scheme

You can safely add new statuses to an existing scheme without impacting your attendance data. You can also edit the properties of your statuses, even if the scheme is in use by a register. When you save your changes, all associated attendance data automatically updates.

  1. Click on the attendance scheme you want to edit on the Organization Attendance Schemes page.
  2. Make your revisions.
  3. Click Save.

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Delete an attendance scheme

Click Delete from the context menu of the attendance scheme you want to delete.  NOTE: an attendance scheme cannot be deleted if it is associated with an attendance register.

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