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Creating Surveys in Cobra

Surveys in Cobra are very similar to quizzes, except that they cannot be assessed. So, if you want to connect a survey to the gradebook, we would suggest you use a quiz. If you are just seeking data, then a survey can be created using these guidelines.

Accessing Surveys

There are two ways to access Surveys in Cobra.

  1. Click on Course Admin in the navigation bar and select Surveys.
  2. Add Surveys to your navigation bar. (See the video Edit Navigation Bar for how to edit your navigation bar).

Setting Up Your Survey

When you access the Survey tool, you’ll see that you have tabs for Manage Surveys and Question Library.

Manage Surveys and Question Library

NOTE:  this question library is the same one that houses your quiz questions as well.

You have options for New Survey, Edit Categories, and More Actions.

New Survey

Click New Survey to start your survey.

Properties Tab

Survey Setup Screen
  1. Give your survey a name.
  2. If you set up categories, you can select one; or you can create a category by clicking on “add category”, which will then show up in your Edit Categories listing. (See the Edit Categories section below).
  3. You can select to give instant feedback, which means any feedback entered for a question is instantly available to a user taking the survey.
  4. You can choose to make the submission anonymous.
  5. Select Add/Edit Questions to enter your survey questions. Question Types

    You have pretty much the same question types available in survey as you do in quizzes, but with the addition of a Likert Question option.

      Likert Question Type

    Once you are done entering your survey questions, click the Done Editing Questions button to return to the Properties tab.

  6. You can enter a description for the survey that users will see before starting the survey, but you must turn ON the description for it to appear.
  7. By default, users will get the “You have successfully submitted the survey” upon submission. However, you can enter a custom submission message, if you choose.

Click Save and then go to the Restrictions tab.


On the Restrictions tab, you need to uncheck the hide from users box to make the survey available to users. You will also set the availability dates of the survey on this tab as well as how many times they can take the survey. This tab will also allow you to set release conditions and special access if you choose.

Edit Categories

Once you are done creating your survey, click Save and Close. Your survey now appears in the Manage Surveys listings.

Manage Surveys listings

Edit Categories

You can create categories in which to organize your surveys. Simply click Add Category to create them.

Edit Categories

More Actions

Under the More Actions button, you have the ability to copy a survey to edit and reuse, reorder your list of surveys, make your surveys visible to users, hide from users, or delete a survey.

More Actions

Sharing Your Survey

Once your survey is done, it is ready to share with your users and there are a couple of ways that you can do this:

  1. Through the survey link on the navigation bar, if you added it previously.
  2. Through Content by clicking on the Existing Activities button and selecting Surveys and then navigating to the survey to share.

Reviewing Your Survey Results

Now that your survey is complete, you’ll want to review the results of the survey.

Return to your Manage Surveys page and select the dropdown arrow next to the survey you want to review and select Statistics.


You will then see the completion summary with the total number of attempts for the survey as well as showing each individual question and the results of each. If you have open-ended questions, you will need to click the Expand Responses link to view them.

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