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Brightspace Pulse is a free mobile app that allows you to access Cobra from your mobile device/s. With it, you can check your grades, assignments, dropbox and quizzes. Pulse is extremely easy to use and is a convenient way to stay up to date with all of your courses. The app can help you make better decisions about how to handle workload, when to submit assignments, and when to prepare for tests. Real-time alerts can let you know when classes are canceled, rooms are moved, or new grades are available. The schedule view and weekly visualization enables you to quickly view what is due today, this week, and upcoming across all courses.



Downloading the Brightspace Pulse App for Cobra Learning

Brightspace Pulse App - Install / Open
The Brightspace Pulse App is available for both Apple and Android devices.
For Apple products, you can find it in the App Store. iOS 11.0 or later is required.
For Android products, you can find it in the Play Store. Android 5.0 or later is required.
Brightspace Pulse is supported in the following geographic regions:
•Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)
•Asia Pacific (Singapore and Australia)
You can download Brightspace Pulse in the following languages:
•Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
•Chinese (Simplified)
•Chinese (Traditional)
•English (U.S.)
•French (Canada)
•French (France)
•German (Germany)
•Portuguese (Brazil)
•Spanish (Latin America)
1. If you allow Pulse to access your location while using the app, the information will be used to populate nearby schools when you are doing the initial setup. If you are local, you can simply select Parkland College from the list (it may take a moment for the list to populate). If you don't allow the app to access your location or if you are setting up the app while outside of Central IL, you will need to type in "Parkland College" when it asks "Who provides your learning?"
2. Sign in with your ParklandOne username and password.
3. When you are asked if you would like for Pulse to send you notifications, select Allow in order to receive alerts in real time regarding posted grades, new course announcements, etc.
Note: If you don't allow notifications, you can simply navigate to the Notifications section within the app for updates.
Navigating the Brightspace Pulse App
At the bottom of the landing page, you will see three options: Upcoming, Courses, and Notifications. The default option is Courses.
Brightspace Pulse App - Upcoming / Courses / Notifications
1. This will populate a list of the courses that you are currently enrolled in and will also give you the option to access your main Cobra landing page (select Parkland College Homepage at the top to access your general Cobra landing page OR select the course name/section to go into a specific course.

Brightspace Pulse App - Default Homepage
2. When you select one of your courses, you will then need to select the Course Homepage button at the bottom of the screen.
course homepage button
3. Select Messages, Alerts, or your Profile via the icons in the upper-right or select the three horizontal bars in the upper-left of the screen to bring up a list of options available for your course such as Content, Dropbox, Grades, Quizzes, Classlist, etc.

Course Options Button

4. When you click on the three horizontal bars, select the option you want in order to view the details.

NOTE: You can submit assignments to the Dropbox and complete quizzes via the app, but you should always follow your instructors guidelines and the course syllabus regarding how quizzes and assignments are to be completed.

Course Options List

1. This section populates a calendar that will allow you to select Work To Do, Events, or All. The default is Work To Do. Use the forward and back arrows to select the date and it will show you a list of all your various assignments that are due on that particular day. Since it pulls from all of your classes in Cobra, it allows for you to anticipate your busiest times. You can also click on the + icon in the upper-right to enter your own items. The Events option looks just like Work To Do, but populates events as opposed to assignments.
Upcoming - Work To Do / Events - Calendar
2. When you select the All option from the top, it will compile your assignments and your events and it will present as a list that shows everything for a three month period of time. Use the forward and back arrows to navigate forward to the following three month period or back to view the previous three month period. You can also click on the + icon in the upper-right to enter your own events and deadlines.
 Upcoming - All - List
1. This section shows assignments due, new announcements from your instructors, and lets you know when grades for assignments are published. Each graded assignment will display as a separate notification. If you opted to allow notifications while setting up the app, these notifications will also be pushed to your device.
Notifications - List - Graded Assignment    
2.  Select the grade notification update from the list and it will prompt you to swipe left to reveal the grade.
Notifications - Swipe Left To Reveal Grade
3. You can also see the entire grade book by selecting the View Grade button as shown below.
Notifications - View Grade Button

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