Classroom - Display Settings for Instructors Using Presenter View in PowerPoint

This article explains how to change the settings to "Presenter Mode" for viewing notes on the instructor station while using PowerPoint.

You will need to changing the display settings from “duplicate” to “extend” for presentation mode and then change it back at the end of class.

  1. Right click in any vacant area on the desk top, then select display settings.

  2. From there, you will scroll down and see a representation of two monitors marked as 1 and 2.
  3. Just below these depicted monitors, there is a drop down telling your display how to behave (duplicate these displays, extend these displays, show only on display 1, show only on display 2).

  4. By default, it will be on Duplicate these displays which shows a mirror image of what’s on your monitor on the projector screen.

  5. You will need to click the drop down box to see your options, then select Extend these displays. You should see minimal changes to the instructor station monitor. The projector, however, will have lost the mirrored image and just look like an extension as if you were using two monitors side by side.
  6. Click apply and then proceed to your PowerPoint presentation.

  7. In PowerPoint, select slide show in the tool bar at the top of the window.

  8. Make sure that Use Presenter View is checked. This will allow you to see your notes next to a smaller version of the presentation while the audience will only see a full screen view of the presentation on the projector screen.

  9. These settings will need to be reverted once the presentation has concluded as it is standard to have the projector and instructor monitor relationship be set to Duplicate these displays.

  10. The resolution will automatically adjust back to what was previously set. Select  keep changes in the prompt.

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