Cobra Learning - Upload Graded Assignments to Dropbox

Uploading An Entire Class’s Graded Documents into a Cobra Dropbox at the Same Time

Step 1. Go to the specific Cobra dropbox for the assignment you are grading. Click on the little box to the left of the word Download so that all students’ names are checked. Select the Download button to the immediate right of the checkbox.

Download Files

Step 2. A new window should appear telling you that a compressed (zip) file is being created. The window should look something like this. Click on the blue link.

File ready to download

Step 3.   Go to where your file is downloaded. You should see a new zipped file. You can tell you have a zipped file because there is a zipper on the folder. Right click the zipped folder and scroll down to Extract All…

Note: by default your download may be in the Downloads folder on your computer.  Or you may have been prompted where to download it.

Step 4. You should now see a window like the one below. When you have determined where you want your files to go, select Extract. Make sure the Show extracted files when complete box is checked.

Extract Compressed Files

Step 5. At this point, you should have two identically named folders, one of them zipped and one of them unzipped:

Unzipped folder

Step 6. Open up the unzipped folder, and do all of your grading in that folder

Note: do notchange any file names (don’t remove the numbers that come before the file names. These numbers serve as “trackers” that put student documents back into the proper student accounts when you are finished grading). Do not remove or add documents to this folder. Just open up each document, grade it, and save it with the exact same name. Do not remove the Index file.

Step 7. When you are finished grading the entire folder, close the folder and right click on it. Scroll to Send to and Compressed (zipped) folder.  A new zipped folder will appear, and it will have a (2) in the title since this is the most recent folder with this name. This is the folder you will send back to Cobra dropbox.

Step 8. Go back to your Cobra dropbox for this specific assignment and select Add Feedback Files at the top of the screen. Upload and Add the newly created zipped folder of graded work as you normally would upload any document.

Add feedback files

Step 9. You should now see Saved draft in each student’s dropbox because the student’s graded work has been uploaded to his/her dropbox. Your final step is to click on the little box to the left of Download so that each student’s name is checked. Then, select Publish Feedback.

Publish feedback

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