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Student Planning Instruction Guide for Advisors

This guide can be used to help advisors navigate Student Planning for themselves and students.

Student Planning Instruction Guide for Advisers  

Step 1: Log in 

    Step 2: Finding an Advisee 

    • Select Advising. 

NOTE: It will take about 10-20 seconds to load the list of advisees the first time you log in. 

  • Search for advisees by selecting Filter: Student, and then 

  • Scroll the list for their name, 

  • Enter the advisee’s ID number in the search box, or 

  • Enter the advisee name in the search box. 

  • Select an advisee’s name to view their course plan, their current schedule, and their progress toward their program. 

NOTE: You can see all terms on the course plans regardless of whether they are available for registration. This permits planning forward. 

Step 3: View a Summary of the Advisee’s Progress 

Select the Progress tab to review an advisee's grade point average, degree, major, department, program description, in-progress and planned credits, and requirements. 

From the Progress tab, select View a New Program to view the student's progress toward a different program. 

NOTE: Adding a new program does NOT change the student’s major. It simply shows a what-if scenario. You would only do this if student is thinking of a changing majors or you want to see if they are close to earning a related certificate/credential. Otherwise, proceed to Step 4. 

Step 4: Complete Plan Review 

Approving Planned Courses 

  • Click on the Course Plan tab. 

  • Use the arrows to toggle to the appropriate term. 

  • Review their planned sections for that term 

  • Click the box next to the course sections you wish to approve. 

  • Click Approve to clear the student to register. 

    Denying Planned Courses

  • Click the box next to the course sections you wish to deny. 

  • Click Deny. 

Step 5: Compose a NOTE 

  • If desired, compose a NOTE about an approval or denial on the NOTES tab and click Save NOTE Here is where you can also view NOTE history. You can also post NOTES to a student about important topics covered in the advising appointment.   

Step 6: Archive Plan Review 

  • Click Review Complete once you have completed your review of the plan. 

  • Select Archive in the pop-up box.

    • Under the Plan Archive tab, click the Download PDF link for the version of the course plan you want to view. 

    • When prompted by your browser, open the PDF to see all the details of the course plan as it looked at the time it was archived.

      Other Actions 


      Add a Course to the Plan

    • NOTE: During advising, if you and the student feel the plan needs to be modified to stay on track for the program requirements, you can add a course.

      • Use the Search for Courses field at the top right or go to the Course Catalog to find a course. 

      • Select a course. 

      • Click Add Course to Plan.

      Remove a Course from the Plan 

      NOTE: During advising, if you and the student feel a course needs to be removed from the plan, click on the Timeline tab in the Advisee’s file. 

      • If needed, click on the arrows to toggle to the appropriate term. 

      • Click the X in the upper right-hand box of the course or select the term after clicking Remove Planned Courses. 

      • In the pop-up box, confirm that you want to remove the course. If so, click Remove. 

      • You can also remove courses by clicking Course Plan. 

      • Use the arrows to toggle to the appropriate term. 

      • Click on the Calendar view. 

      • Click the gray X in the right hand corner of the course to remove it from the schedule. 

    Add Sections to the Advisee’s Plan  

    • From the Course Catalog, click View Available Sections in the gray bar. 

    • Select the desired section. 

    • Click Add Section to Schedule. 

    • Click Add Section. 

    Register for Courses from the Student’s Perspective 

    NOTE 1: Registration for students is only allowed during the time and date assigned by the Registrar. 

    NOTE 2: Faculty advisers add sections to scheduled and add courses to plans, but do not register students. 

    • When a student is logged in, they will click Register Now at the top-right on the Schedule tab on Plan & Schedule. 

    • When registered, the box turns green. 

    Viewing Test Scores 

    •  Click on the Test Scores tab to view student’s test scores (scores are pulled from TSUM). 

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