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Attendance Tool Widget

The Attendance Tool Widget is an attendance tool created by Parkland College as an alternative to Cobra’s default attendance tool. To get started add the widget to your course homepage. You will be presented with a setup form the first time you access the widget in your course.


  1. If you have used the widget before you can select previous courses settings to import.
  2. The tool knows when your course start and end date are. You can customize these dates to fix your attendance needs.
  3. There are three Attendance Recording Types.
    1. Manual – You will be required to enter student’s attendance entries.
    2. In Class – You will have a code to give the students to enter in a form on their view of the attendance widget.
    3. Online – A student’s attendance is automatically recorded when they login and allow the widget to completely load.
  4. For the Manual and In Class recording types you can select the days of the week your course meets. This will create a calendar of dates for attendance entries. You can also enter exclusion dates for holidays or dates your course doesn’t meet.
  5. For the Online recording type you can select the number of entries per week to count for attendance. Once the student has recorded the given number of entries for the week their attendance for the week will no longer be recorded.
  6. You can create your own attendance codes. P Present and A Absent are the default values. If you don’t want to use the default values simply clear/replace the contents in that field.
  7. You can choose to have an inline/simple attendance entry method or the standard pop-up window entry method.
  8. You can also tie attendance to the gradebook. A gradebook entry will be created with the entered name. You can set the number of points for each entry and the maximum number of points the grade item is worth.

Note: This form may be different depending on the Recording Type you choose.

The Register Views

Manual View
Manual View

In Class View
In Class View

Online View
Online View

The register views are designed to give instructors a concise view of their students’ attendance. 

The In Class view will display an attendance pin to give to students on meeting days.

In the Manual and In Class register view, you can click the “Mark all users with NO entry absent” icon MarkAbsent.png to quickly mark all students absent. Likewise, you can click the “Mark all users with NO entry present” icon MarkPresent.png to quickly mark all students present.

The Manual and In Class view display the sessions for the current week and any entries that have been made. The Online view displays the entire week and any entries that have been made. You can click on an entry or the dash when an entry would appear to update the entry.

If you click on the dash, depending on the entry method you chose, you may see:

Simple Entry View: Simple entry allows a quick, inline selection of the attendance code for quicker entry.

Online View

Standard Entry View: Standard entry opens a pop-up window that allows for attendance code entry, as well as notes.

Online View

Note: you can change between simple and standard entry during the semester.  You can also access the  notes entry box from within an individual student attendance record.

After the list of sessions the totals for each student are listed. This is adaptable based on the attendance codes you use. The number of entries that student has for that code for the entire course will be displayed. The totals columns work the same for all three views.

The Manual and In Class views the student’s attendance percentage for the course in the last column. The Online view shows the student’s attendance percentage for the week.

There is an Edit Settings link if you need to change any settings after the initial setup. For instance, if you decide to switch from the In Class to the Manual entry type during the semester you can do so without any issues.

While grades are updated for a student automatically whenever an entry is made, you can use the Update Grades link to update them if you feel they are out of sync for any reason. 

The Generate Report link will create a .csv file for download.  

You can click on a student’s name to view that student’s entries for the course. You can also edit entries from this view. When you are done looking at the entries just click the done button at the bottom of the page.


Students have a similar view that allows them to see their entries and totals. It will also display a place for the user to enter a pin if your course is set up for an In Class recording type. If your course is set up for an Online recording type your students may see a message letting them know their attendance was recorded correctly.

Note: Students must wait for the page to load and the “Success” messages appears for the attendance to be counted.


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