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Setting Up a Quiz to Post Scores to Gradebook

Setting Up Grading of a Quiz - BEFORE Quiz is Delivered

When setting up a quiz that needs to be automatically graded and exported to the gradebook, you need to pay attention to the following specific settings:

  1. Select the Assessment tab when setting up the quiz.
  2. Check the Automatic Grade box at the top of the page.  This allows users to see their quiz grade immediately upon completion/submission of the quiz.  
  3. Note The ability to display an automatic grade is limited by questions that cannot be auto-graded, for example short or long answer (essay) questions.  If you auto-grade a long answer question, it will auto-grade as a 0.

  4. In order for a grade to be automatically exported to the gradebook, you need to have a Grade Item selected.  This will activate the auto export feature (#4).
  5. When the Grade Item (#3 above) is set, the Auto Export to Grades box will be available to be checked and will send the quiz scores directly to the gradebook.  
  6. Note If this box is not checked, the quizzes will appear as ungraded and students will NOT have access to the Submission View and will be unable to review their quizzes regardless of whether you have them set to review or not.  Grading is the key that unlocks the submission view.

  7. Click Save and Close .

Assessment Tab

Setting Up Grading of a Quiz - AFTER Quiz is Delivered

If you forgot to do the above steps when setting up the quiz and students have already taken the quiz, then you will need to do to the above steps in order for the quiz grades to be exported to the gradebook.  HOWEVER, they will not be done so automatically on the quizzes submitted before you made the change.  So, here are some additional steps you will need to take in order for the scores to post to the gradebook:

  1. Select Grade from the drop down menu next to the quiz name.
  2. In the list of students (or select all) who have submitted the quiz along the left side of the list.
  3. Click the Publish Feedback link, and note whether the Status column has updated to reflect the published grade.
  4. Then click Save and Close.  
Publish Quiz Grade

This process generally will send the scores to the gradebook.  If it does not, then REPEAT steps 7 through 9 by UNCHECKING the boxes and saving.  Then REPEAT AGAIN steps 7 through 9, checking the boxes again and saving.  (This will clear the gradebook link and then allow you to relink it to the gradebook).

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