Monitors - Troubleshooting a Blank Monitor (PC)

Troubleshooting steps to take if there is no image on the monitor screen.
1. Make sure the computer is turned on – It should show a light in the front. If there is no light, push the power button.

2. Make sure the monitor is turned on – it should show a light on the power button, generally in the lower right corner power button
  • If there is no light, the monitor is not receiving power. Press the power button.
  • If the light does not come on after pressing the power button, unplug and firmly replug the power cable both on the end coming out of the monitor and the end plugged into the outlet.
  • If it is plugged into a power strip, make sure the strip is plugged in and turned on. Press the power button again.
  • If the light still does not come on, try a different outlet.


  • If there is a light and there is no image on the screen, the monitor is receiving power but not getting a video signal.
  • The computer may be in sleep mode. Wake it up by moving the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard.
  • If that doesn't work and you are in a classroom on campus, if there is an AV switcher on the desk, make sure it is set to “computer” (pushed in).
computer/laptop switchercomputer/document camera swticher
3. Make sure that the correct video input is selected. On Dell monitors, the power light will be green or blue.
  • Check the input setting on the monitor.
  • If the monitor has an input button input button along the edge, press it to cycle through several types of input connections. Stop on each and see if the image comes up.
  • If the monitor buttons are not marked (see below), push one of them to get to the Menu screen.
square buttons
  • On some monitors, the Menu screen will show a button for Input Source.
  • Press the corresponding button and try the other input connections.
  • Other monitors do not have an Input Source button. In that case, click the Menu button, then use the down and up arrow buttons

 to select "Input Source" on the screen.

  • Once in the "Input Source" menu, try the other input connections.

4.Make sure there is not a physical problem with the connection between the computer and the monitor.
(On Dell monitors, the power light will be yellow or orange.)
  • Check the cable running from the monitor to the computer -- unplug and firmly replug it. If there are any switchers or splitters along the way, unplug and replug the cables going in to and coming out of the switcher/splitter.
splittercomputer/document camera swtichercomputer/laptop switcher
5. If the monitor remains blank, request additional assistance.

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