Keeper - Password Manager User Guide (for Employees)

Here are the user-level guides for using Keeper Password Manager to manage and store credentials. This article is intended for Faculty/Staff. A password manager is a software application designed to store and manage your online credentials securely. It helps generate, retrieve, and keep track of complex passwords for different websites and services, ensuring that you use strong, unique passwords for each account. Password managers often encrypt your stored passwords, requiring a single master password to access them, making it easier to maintain security across multiple accounts without having to remember each individual password.
  • Log In to Your Vault:
    • Open the Keeper app or visit the web vault in your browser at
    • Click Login > Web vault
    • Log in with your ParklandOne username and password
    • Users can either enter their email address at the login screen or click Enterprise SSO Login and select their login method from the dropdown menu as determined by their Keeper administrator (Enterprise Domain Login or Master Password Login)


  • Device Approvals:
    • Upon logging in, you may encounter a "Device Approval" request. If you are attempting to log in on an unrecognized device or browser, a device approval must take place before you can proceed to your Keeper Vault. Users have three methods of approval to choose from: Email, Keeper Push or Two-Factor Method. 
    • If you select Keeper Push, a notification (push) will appear in your Keeper Vault on an approved device or browser.
    •  Select Yes to approve the new device.
    • Keeper "device approval" screen with three selectable options: "Email", "Keeper Push", and "Two-Factor Method"

  • Create a Record:
    1. Using the “plus” button / Create New select a Record Type from the dropdown menu ("Login" is the default type)
    2. Enter a name for the Record and click Next
    3. Enter the Login (Username or Email) 
    4. Enter the Password or click the dice icon to generate one  
    5. Enter the Website Address
    6. Enter Notes, add Files & Photos, a Two-Factor Code and Custom Fields
    7. Click Save to finish 
    8. User creating a new record, entering their username, and creating a password, then saving the record.
    9. Support Information

  • Importing Passwords:
    • To import passwords from your web browser, you must first install the Keeper Import Tool. To begin the installation,click on your profile name in the upper right hand corner, click Settings > Import > Import. If you came fresh into the Web Vault, you can download the import tool by clicking Install.
    • "Import" screen from the "Settings" page of the Keeper Vault, with the option "Text File (.csv)" highlighted.
    • Copy the code Keeper provides (you will need this when prompted in the Keeper Importer). 
      • If you are using a PC - click Run when prompted.
      •  If you are using a Mac - double, click the "" file in your downloads and double click on the "Keeper Import App" to start the import process. You will encounter a few Keychain permission windows that will require you to enter your computer password to allow Keeper to access your web browsers.
      • Keeper will then ask for the code you received from step one; paste the code and click Import
      • Advisory dialog box indicating the Keeper Import installer is downloading, with the code provided in a text box, along with an icon to its right, which users can click to copy the code to their device's clipboard.
    •  Keeper can import logins and passwords from other password managers. From the Account Dropdown Menu, click Settings > Import.
    • Click on the password manager you want to import from, then click View Import Instructions. Once you have created the export file per the instructions, drag and drop the file into Keeper's "Drop a File Here" window.
    • A dialog box showing 1Password password manager selected from the "Import" section of the "Settings" for Keeper, with the box where a .CSV or .1PUX file can be dragged and dropped.
    • Keeper can also import logins and passwords from a text file (.csv). To begin, from the Account Dropdown Menu, click Settings > Import. After selecting Text File (.csv) click View Import Instructions and follow the instructions provided. Once you have created the export file per the instructions, drag and drop it into Keeper's "Drop a File Here" window. 
    • Support Information

  • Organization:
    • With Keeper you can organize your records into folders and sub-folders. To create a folder, click on Create New > Folder. Enter the name of the folder and click Create.
    • The "Create New" drop-down menu from the home screen of the Keeper vault, with the "Folder" option highlighted.
    • To create a sub-folder, right-click on an existing/parent folder and select New Folder. 
    • A folder from within the Keeper vault selected, with a drop-down menu showing the "New Folder" option highlighted.
    • Support Information

  • Delete a Record or Folder:
    • Right-click on a record or folder and select Delete. Click OK to confirm.
    • Ctrl/Cmd-click multiple records or folders to select for deletion. Right-click on the selection and select Delete. Click OK to confirm. Shift-click for selecting a list of items is also supported. 
    • A record from the Keeper vault selected, with a drop-down menu with the "Delete" option highlighted.
    • Support Information

  • Record History:
    • Keeper provides you with the ability to view and restore previous versions of a record by clicking on the record's information icon and View Record History.  
    • A record from the keeper vault, selected, with the "i" icon (information icon) highlighted, below which is the Record Information, with a link titled "View Record History" highlighted.
    • Select the version of the record you want to review/and or restore based on the last modified date and time. Click Restore to revert the record back to the selected version. 
    • A record in the keeper vault selected, with the "Restore V.2" button highlighted.

  • Deleted Items:
    • You can view and restore previously deleted records from the "Deleted Items" section of your vault by clicking Restore.  
    • The "Deleted Items" section of the Keeper vault, with the "Restore" link in the line item of a record highlighted.


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