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Microsoft Teams - Getting Started with Break-Out Rooms

A beginner's guide on how to get started using Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams. Includes instructions on setting up rooms, assigning participants, opening & closing rooms, visiting rooms, and making announcements.

In order to create breakout rooms, you MUST be the meeting organizer (which means that you created the meeting).

If you plan on reusing breakout rooms, it is more efficient to have a scheduled meeting rather than use Meet Now in a Teams Channel. For scheduled meetings, the Rooms are saved, but they are not for “meet now” meetings, and therefore you must recreate rooms every time.

Creating a Breakout Room

Assigning Participants to a Room

Opening Breakout Rooms

Closing Breakout Rooms 

Visiting Breakout Rooms 

Making an Announcement 

Creating a Breakout Room

  1. Within a Teams meeting, click on the Rooms icon at the top of the meeting window: 
    Teams menu bar with Rooms icon circled
  2. A side bar called “Create breakout rooms” should appear.  

  3. Choose the number of rooms you want to create (you can add more later!)

  4. Select how you want to assign participants:
    1. For automatically, Teams determines the # of participants per room based on the number of people in the meeting and the number of rooms – it will try to evenly distribute the participants among the rooms.
    2. For manually, you will need to assign each participant to a room (they will not be automatically assigned).  
    3. If participants join the meeting after you have assigned the rooms (automatically or manually), you will need to manually add them to a room.
      Pop-up menu to assign participants

  5. Click on Create Rooms at the bottom of the side bar:
    Create rooms button

  6. The side bar will now convert to the “Breakout rooms” sidebar. 

  7. Once you’ve created breakout rooms, if you ever meet in the same space again, the rooms will be maintained (including your assignment of participants).  To get to the Rooms sidebar, click on the same Rooms icon that you used to create the rooms.

Assigning Participants to a Room

  1. Start by opening the Breakout Rooms side bar by clicking on the Rooms icon.
    Teams menu bar with Rooms icon circled

  2. You should now have the standard Rooms sidebar.
    Break Out Rooms sidebar (closed rooms)

  3. Check room assignments by clicking on the arrow next to the room name (circled above) – you should see a list of all participants assigned to that room.
    Rooms sidebar with meeting rooms member list

  4. To assign unassigned participants or to change a participant's room assignment, click on Assign Participants (#1).  

  5. To add additional rooms, if needed, click on the plus sign (#2).

  6. After you click on Assign Participants (#1), a window will open that lists all the current participants and their room assignments.  Anyone that does not have a room will be listed as “unassigned”. 
    Popup box to assign participants to rooms

  7. Click on the down arrow next to the room assignment to get a list of available rooms.  Select the room that you would like to assign the participant to. 
    Participants room assignming menu

  8. Once you’ve selected the room, you’ll see a window giving the new room assignments.  Click on Assign to save the room assignments, or on Cancel to return to the original assignments.  This will also return you to the main window. 
    Saving Room assignments

Opening Breakout Rooms 

  1. To open all rooms, click on the open (#3) button.
    Break Out Rooms sidebar (closed rooms)

  2. You should now see a message that the rooms are opening. 
    Room opening message (sidebar)

  3. Participants will be automatically moved into their rooms, and will see the following message.
    Participant's room opening message

  4. Once the process is complete, you will see “open” under the room name in green text.  Only rooms with participants will be opened.  

  5. Click on the arrow next to the room name to get a list of the participants that have been assigned to the room. All participants that are present should now be shown as “In meeting”.  Any participants that are not present or are not in the room, will be still be listed, but without the "In meeting" tag.


Visiting Breakout Rooms 

  1. To access the breakout room meeting, click on the three dots for the room. 
    Room sidebar showing three dots

  2. You should now get a list of room specific options.  Click on Join room (#1) to enter the breakout room.
    Room sidebar three dots menu

  3. You will be automatically transferred to the room.  Make sure you check your Mic and Camera settings upon entering the room – you may need to adjust them.
    Breakout room top menu

  4. When you want to leave the room, click on Leave.  You will be returned to the main meeting space. 

  5. Once you are back in the main meeting space, you must click on Resume.  Otherwise, you will be in a holding space – you will not be able to interact with anyone else in the meeting space.  You might not even see that others are present. 
    Main room menu after returning from breakout room

Closing Breakout Rooms 

  1. To close all the breakout rooms, click on close (#2).
    Rooms sidebar with opened rooms

  2. You should now see a message that the rooms are closing. 
    Rooms closing message

  3. Participants will be automatically returned to the main room, and will see the following message.
    Room closing message for participants

  4. To close an individual the breakout room, click on the three dots for the specific room (#3). 

  5. You should now get a list of room specific options.  Click on Close room (#2) to close the breakout room.
    Room sidebar three dots menu

  6. Participants in the individual room will be automatically returned to the main room.

Making an Announcement 

  1. To make an announcement, click on the megaphone icon (#2).  
    Rooms sidebar with opened rooms

  2. A box will pop up where you can type your announcement.
    Announcement pop up box

  3. Once you have typed your announcement, hit send to send it to all the rooms.
     Announcement pop up box with send

  4. You will get a message saying that the the announcement was sent.
    Announcement sent message

  5. Participants should see the announcement on their screen.
    Participant announcement veiw
    Participant view of announcement (computer)

  6. The announcement does disappear very quickly (it will be there fore maybe 5 seconds), but it will also be in the chat.  A chat notification will appear.
    Chat notification

  7. To view the chat, click on the chat icon, and the chat sidebar will open.
    Announcement in chat side bar
    Any announcements will be automatically marked as important. 

  8. For participants meeting via their phone, the chat notification will be given via the chat icon and/or the three dots.
    Chat notification on phone
  9. To get to the chat, click on the chat icon.
    Chat view on phone

  10. If they click on the three dots, they will get to a menu, where they will again be able to click on the chat icon.
    Phone three dot menu

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