Apporto - Access and Instructions

Apporto is a virtual desktop environment that provides access to software on a virtual PC interface without having to download the software to a computer. As such, it is available anytime, anywhere and can even be used with Chromebooks and borrowed Parkland devices.

Apporto can be accessed via

1. Click Log in and sign in with your ParklandOne username and password.
Log In

Automated Standby Mode – On 1/1/22, Apporto introduced an automated standby mode between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM local time. During this window, if no users are using the service, the Apporto servers will be in standby mode. if a user decides to start using the service at say 11:00 PM, the servers will automatically start - and the user will have to wait for 30 seconds while the server starts. Of course, if a user starts using the service at 9:40pm, the server will wait until the user finishes his session to shift to standby mode. If the system is waking up from standby mode, the user will see a "Please wait 1-2 minutes" message similar to the following:  
Apporto Standby Mode Message

2. "Parkland GPU Desktop" and "Parkland non-GPU Desktop" will appear on the home screen and both can be launched simultaneously if desired.  In addition, in the upper right of the home screen, there is a HELP menu where you can access a User Guide as well as submit an Apporto support request.
  • Parkland GPU Desktop contains larger apps such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk, Mastercam, and Solidworks (in addition to some of the smaller applications such as Microsoft Office applications and web browsers).  Parkland GPU takes a little bit longer to load than the "Parkland non-GPU Desktop." 
  • Parkland non-GPU Desktop contains many of the smaller applications accessed by students at the college.
appoto desktop choices
3. Click launch on the desired desktop/s. 

4. Once launched, in addition to seeing the various applications that are available, there are a number of options in the toolbar at the top.  These include Full Screen Toggle, File Upload, File Download, Save/Restore Snapshots, Screen Share, Analytics, Sound On/Off, Network Indicator, Session Time/Length, and Settings (Enable Mic & Enable Clipboard).  
toolbar options   additional toolbar options

5. At the bottom of the Apporto window, you will see a Windows Start Menu as well as a File Explorer option.  Within File Explorer, each user will have access to Desktop, Documents, Downloads, and Pictures folders.  Items can be saved here and accessed by the user within Apporto at any time.
apporto file explorer

6. Select the application you would like to use. Some applications such as Adobe Creative Cloud contain many different components.  When you open the folder, the list of included applications will appear. Select the application you are needing to use.  

7. On the desktop, there is also an application called "Cloud Mounter".  Once opened, it allows users to save from Apporto directly to a cloud storage location such as OneDrive or Google Drive. 
cloud mounter shortcut

cloud mounter options prompt

If you were to select OneDrive, for example, it will prompt you with a Connection Dialog box. Select Connect Now.
connection dialog box

It will then bring up a log in screen for that service.  If connecting to your Parkland OneDrive account, you will need to type in your full Parkland email address and then sign in with your ParklandOne username and        password.  You will then need to authenticate through Okta. Once signed in, you will likely see a prompt asking you to accept the permissions. Click Accept.
accept permissions

8. Once you are done in Apporto, please do the following:
  • Close out of the application you were using. 
  • Close out of the desktop that you launched in step 3 by closing out the tab for it in your browser.
  • Sign out of the Apporto homepage by navigating to your name in the upper right and selecting Logout

NOTE: Printing through Apporto is not currently available.  Users must save the file to a cloud storage location or download from Apporto to their own machine in order to print.  

Tech Service Desk

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Fall/Spring: 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. M-Th. / 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Fridays

Summer: 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. M-Th

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