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There are several ways in which to view feedback left for you by your instructors: through discussions, dropboxes, quizzes, and grades. We'll cover each of these in this article.

Here is a PDF copy of this article for download/distribution to students.

Viewing Feedback in Discussions

When you create a post in discussions, you won't see instructor feedback unless they post a reply to your post.  


To see your grade and feedback on discussions, you'll need to go to Grades in the navigation bar.  Your grade and any feedback left on your discussion posts will be posted in the Comments and Assessments column.

Viewing Feedback in Dropbox

To view your feedback in a dropbox assignment, click on the Dropbox link in the navigation bar.

NOTE: if your instructor does not have the dropbox link, then see the Viewing Feedback in Grades section below.  Locate the dropbox assignment that you want to view and click the Unread link in the Evaluation Status column.

In this view, you'll see the overall feedback for your submission as well as the graded rubric, if a rubric was used on the assignment.  You may also see an attached file, if the instructor has returned your paper to you with notations embedded.  You can either click to download the file and view it, or you can scroll down and click the View Inline Feedback link.

When you open the file, you'll see your paper with notations, markup, and highlights for detailed feedback on your submission.

Viewing Feedback in Quizzes

To view your instructor feedback on quizzes, click on the Quizzes link in the navigation bar.  You can access your feedback in one of two ways: 

  1. by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the quiz title and then selecting Submissions; OR 
  2. by clicking the Unread link in the Evaluation Status column.

Then click on the attempt that you want to review.

You will get a report based on how the instructor has set up the review process.

NOTE: You may not be able to see your attempt submission until they have released it, and they may restrict what you can see.  This example is a complete report.

Overall attempt feedback can be found toward the top of the report.  You may review your test based on the aforementioned release settings.  If feedback has been left, you can click the arrow next to View Feedback to expand it.

Click Done to close the feedback review.

Viewing Feedback in Grades

When you click on Grades in your Cobra course, your grade report will contain your final calculated (or cumulative) grade as well as your individual grades for each assignment.  You can find feedback under Comments and Assessments.

NOTE: some feedback found in Grades will be copied from the assessment, such as dropbox feedback.

You can interact with some feedback such as View Inline Feedback and View Graded Rubric.  (See the section on dropboxes for details).


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