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When you are required to submit images for your assignments, it's best to resize them and make them smaller as to not run into a "too large" file size error in Cobra. This article will offer a couple of suggestions for resizing images. NOTE: this article is specifically geared toward images taken with a mobile phone.

Resizing Images in Android

If you are submitting images directly from your Android device, then you can edit the photos in the Gallery app on your device.  Click into your gallery and select your image.

Click the edit button at the bottom of your image.

Then click the vertical ellipsis (three dots) at the top right corner of the image.

Select Resize Image.

Select the resolution size to which you want to change the image, and click Done.  NOTE: higher resolutions are best for printing; if your images are for web use only, then they can be much smaller and still contain adequate detail.

Your image details will now reflect the new image size.

Your file should not be a manageable size for uploading to Cobra.

Resizing Images in iOS

If you are submitting images directly from your iOS device, then you can edit the photos in the Photos app on your device.  Click into your photos and select your image.  Then click Edit in the upper right corner of the image.

On the next screen, select the crop icon at the bottom right.

The four corners of the image have tick marks that you can click on to crop the image to a smaller size.  Move them around until you have the image resized how you want it to be.

Once you are finished cropping the image, click Done.

Depending on how much you cropped, the file size of the image should be a more manageable size for uploading.

Resizing Images pasted in Word

If you paste all of your images into a Word document, then your document size will be very large and you may get a message that your file is too big to upload.  To resize your images in Word, right click on the image and select Size and Position from the menu.


On the Size tab, you'll see the original size of the image.

You can adjust the height and width manually, or you can adjust the scale, leaving lock aspect ratio as to not distort the image.  This will change the size of the image.  Then click OK.

After you click OK, you'll see the image has been reduced on your Word document page.  You can do this to the remaining images in the Word file and then save the document.

NOTE: you can also click on the image and drag to resize it as well.

When you save the original file with the full-size images, you can right click on the file and select Properties.

This will open a new window where you can see the file size of your Word document BEFORE you resize the images.  Anything greater than 10MB cannot be emailed; anything greater than 1GB cannot be uploaded to Cobra. 

NOTE: in this example, 270KB = 0.27MB.

After you have resized the images and then saved the Word file with the smaller images, the properties should show that the file is now smaller as well.  Reducing the image size by about 50% also reduces the overall file size by about the same amount.

Reducing the size of your images and image files can help with upload speed and download speed for grading by your instructor.  It can also assist with file storage on your computer and/or mobile devices as well.

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