Cobra Learning - Using Zoom (Faculty)

This article will discuss how you can use Zoom in your Cobra courses.

Using Zoom

When you first launch Zoom, you may be asked to install it on your computer, which won't take long and will only need to be done once per computer. After you have it installed you will be prompted to "Open"

Zoom launch page

Then once you have opened the meeting, you'll be prompted to join with computer audio or select the phone call option as well as test your speakers and microphone.

  Join the meeting with phone or audio option

Then, you'll be taken into your meeting room.

  Zoom meeting room

Basic Meeting Options

There are a lot of options that you can do in your meeting room, so we'll cover the basics here.


Zoom menu with audio highlighted

When you click on the audio button in the menu bar, you'll get additional options for configuring you audio, such as selecting your microphone and speakers, testing them, switching to phone audio, we well as accessing additional audio settings.

Zoom audio menu


Zoom menu with video highlighted

When you click on the video button in the menu bar, you'll get the option to select the camera to use as well as set a virtual background and access to the video settings.

Zoom video menu


Zoom menu with security highlighted

When you click on the security button in the menu bar, you'll get the option to lock the meeting, so other participants cannot join as well as enable a waiting room, if you didn't set it up when you created the meeting. You also have the ability to allow the participants to share their screen, access the chat, and rename themselves. I would suggest unchecking the share screen and renaming option upon opening the room.

Zoom Security menu


Zoom menu with participants highlighted

When you click the participants button, it will open the participants window to the right of the meeting room.

Zoom participants window pane

You'll note that the participants are listed and have a microphone and camera icon next to their names, so you can easily see who is muted and/or on camera. If you hover over their icons, you'll get an option to mute them and a more button, which allows you to rename them (in case they renamed themselves upon entry).

Zoom participants rename option

NOTE: students should be authenticated with their Parkland credentials and name upon sign-in, by default.

Some other actions that are available in the participants window include the ability to answer yes, no, ask you to go slower or faster, more options, and clear all. The more option has thumbs up or down, clapping, a cup meaning "I need a break" and a clock to represent that the participant is "away."

Zoom participants more actions options

There is a more dropdown below the actions that allows you some additional options to mute participants on entry, allow them to unmute themselves, play an enter/exit chime, allow the participants to rename themselves, lock the meeting, or enable the waiting room.

Zoom participants dropdown more


Zoom menu with chat highlighted

Once you click on the chat button, you'll see a chat window pop open beneath the participants window. If you lick the little down arrow in the upper left corner, you can pop the chat window out so that it can be seen more easily.

Zoom chat menu

You can share files with participants in the chat by clicking file and then selecting the file to upload. Additionally, you can click the ellipses button for access to save the chat and how participants can chat, either shutting chat down completely (no one), chat with the host only (to you), or the chat is seen by everyone.

NOTE: that private chat between participants has been turned off at the institution level.

Zoom chat menu more options

Share Screen

Zoom menu with share screen highlighted

When you click the arrow next to the share screen button, you'll get some options for whether one or multiple people can share their screens at the same time or access to the advanced sharing.

Zoom share screen menu

The advanced settings option allows you to set who can share, who can share when someone else is sharing, and how many can share at a time.

Zoom advanced sharing options

If you click on the share screen button, you'll get a pop-up that will allow you to share your desktop, a particular program that is open, or a whiteboard.

Zoom share screen options

Likewise, when you first open the Zoom meeting, you'll see the share screen icon on the main page.

Zoom meeting room


Zoom menu with polling highlighted

The polling feature is covered in a separate section below.


Zoom menu with record highlighted

If you did not select to automatically record your meeting, you can click the record button during the meeting to start recording. The recording indicator is located in the upper left corner of the meeting.

Recording indicator


Zoom menu with more highlighted

If you click on the More button (which replaced the record button during recording), you'll get options to pause or stop the recording. Additional features under More include closed captions (which means that you can open captioning up to be typed manually by you or a captioner) and Breakout Rooms, which are covered in a section below.

Zoom more options for recording, captioning, and breakout rooms

End Meeting

Zoom menu with end meeting highlighted

When you click the end meeting button, you'll get the option to cancel the action, leave the meeting (if you pass the host option off to someone else, the room should stay open for the duration of the scheduled time), or end meeting for all, which closes the meeting and room.

Zoom end meeting prompt

Once you have closed the meeting, you will get a prompt about saving the recording to your own computer, if you recorded the meeting. This will come in handy when you want to upload the video to TechSmith Relay to share later.

prompt for where to save your Zoom recording

Creating/Using Polls

Zoom has a built-in polling feature, which allows you to conduct surveys of your participants. Click the Polling button on the menu bar.

NOTE: if you don't see the polling feature, you may not be in the Parkland version of Zoom. Make sure that you log in using your Parkland credentials and through your Cobra course.

Zoom menu with polling highlighted

Click the polling button on the menu bar, and you'll get a prompt screen to add a question.

Zoom poll add a question

Once you click on the Add Question button, it will open a new browser tab and take you to the screen where you can edit the poll name as well as create your questions.

Zoom poll question creator

You can make the poll anonymous and either single answer or multiple choice. You can add questions to the poll as well. Once you're done creating the poll, click Save. Return to your Zoom meeting and launch the poll.

Zoom poll example

You can close the poll, share the results, and relaunch the poll. If you recall from the meeting creation article, you can create your poll in advance using the provided template on the meeting creation page.

Creating Breakout Rooms

Zoom has a breakout rooms feature to allow group work to be done virtually. Click the More button in the menu bar and then click Breakout Rooms.

Zoom breakout rooms link

After you click the breakout rooms link, you'll get a prompt as to how to create the rooms, such as how many to create and whether you want them populated automatically or manually. Then click the Create Breakout Rooms button.

Zoom breakout room setup

After you've created them, you'll get a window showing you the breakdown of the rooms and the participants in them. Note that the message at the top says they have not started yet.

Zoom breakout room preview

You'll note that you have some additional options at the bottom of this window one of which allows you to add a room.

Zoom add a breakout room

Another option allows you to recreate the rooms. But note that it says it will replace all existing rooms.

Zoom recreate breakout rooms

The last options button allows you to move all participants into the rooms automatically, allow them to return to the main session at any time, set a duration for the rooms, and set a countdown timer for closing the rooms. 

Zoom breakout room options

Once you have finished your settings, go back to the main breakout rooms page and click Open All Rooms.

Zoom breakout room preview

The last point to note about the breakout rooms is that a chat feature allows you to broadcast a message to all of the rooms.

broadcast a chat to all rooms

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