Cobra Learning - Adding Zoom to Cobra (Instructors)

In the event that you need to conduct your class meeting time online, Zoom can be used to create a meeting to be held online. Parkland's Zoom address is and you will use your ParklandOne credentials to log into that account.

Adding Zoom to Cobra Learning

Creating a Parkland Zoom Account

If you already have a Parkland Zoom account, you can skip to the next section of this article.

If you do not have a Parkland Zoom account, you must request one.  NOTE:  For instructors ONLY!  Students do NOT need to do this process. 

Once your request as been processed and your account created, you should receive an email with further instructions.

You should now be ready to use Zoom for your class meetings!

Adding Zoom to your Course

Navigate to Cobra Learning and access your course. You will need to add Zoom to your navigation bar.  There are a couple of ways that you can do this.

First, you can simply go to Course Admin > Navigation and Themes and select the pre-made default navigation bar with Zoom from the list in the dropdown menu of the Active Navbar, then click Apply.  The Zoom link will now be on your navigation bar.

Zoom Default Nav Bar

The second way that you can add it is to customize your navigation bar.  If you already have a custom nav bar, then you can simply add this link to your existing navigation bar.  See this KB articlefor instructions on how to edit your nav bar.

Setting up a Zoom Meeting in Cobra

Once you're ready to schedule your Zoom meeting, click the Zoom link in your course.

Zoom nav bar link opened in Cobra

To set up a Zoom meeting, click the Schedule a New Meeting button.

Follow these steps to establish your meeting criteria:

Zoom Meeting Setup Screen
  1. Topic: Give your meeting a name, such as Class Meeting.
  2. When: Schedule your meeting date and time.
  3. Duration: Set your meeting duration.

    NOTE: with the free account, you cannot schedule your meeting for longer than 40 minutes, but with a Parkland licensed account you can.  HOWEVER, you may still get bumped out of the meeting at the 40 minute mark if there is no activity in the room.  In other words, if you are simply sitting in the room for office hours and no one comes in, the meeting will close, even if you are active in the room.  Zoom considers 2 or more participants for a room to be active.

  4. Recurring meeting: if you are scheduling an office hour or something that will happen more frequently, you can set them up in advance.
  5. Video: You can set webcam access to on or off for the host (you) and the participants upon entry into the room, but both can be turned on once in the room.  
  6. Audio: If you set up Telephone or Both, it will generate a call-in number that participants can use from a phone. During increased demand on Zoom, a free account may not allow for the telephone option and may require participants to use computer audio. 
  7. Meeting Options:
    • Require meeting password. This will be checked and a password generated by default.  Do not email this password, though.  It would be best to post it in Cobra, if you are going to use it, to ensure no one besides your students can access the meeting.Enable join before host. Not recommended as this would allow participants/students to enter the room before you start the meeting

    • Mute participants upon entry. This would keep the audio a bit more controlled and require participants to use the chat feature instead of microphones.

    • Enable waiting room. This would allow participants in a room prior to the start of the meeting, rather than turning them away.

    • Record the meeting automatically on the local computer. Will create a video file for you to store on your computer and share after the meeting.

Click Save when done.

After you Save, you'll see that you can launch the meeting, edit the meeting, or delete the meeting.  You can also use Polls in Zoom, which we'll cover in another article.  But you can download the template for creating polls from this page.

Zoom meeting delete, edit or launch and polls template

Adding Zoom Link in Cobra for Students

Students will not see the Zoom link in the nav bar, so you need to add it to your course in Content for them.  Go to Content in your course and in a module, such as Class Meetings, click the Existing Activities button and scroll down to External Learning Tools.

Adding an existing activity in Cobra

Then scroll down and select Zoom from the list of tools.

Adding Zoom as an existing activity

This will put a link to the Zoom meetings page for the students to access.

Zoom link in Cobra

This is how it will look for students.

Zoom meeting list for students

Recording Your Meetings

There are two ways to save your recorded Zoom meetings: 1) local computer; or 2) cloud recordings.  

Saving to Your Computer

If you opt to save to your computer, you must allow it to process the recording and save the file.  After the recording has been saved, you can upload the MP4 file to TechSmith Relay and generate captions and then link it to your Cobra course for students to review later. To locate the MP4 file, go to Documents on your computer, click on Zoom, and then on the meeting folder that contains your meeting recording. This is also where the chat transcript will be stored as well.

Zoom folder under documents

Finding the MP4 file

NOTE: you only need to upload the MP4 file to TechSmith Relay...not any of the other files.

Saving to the Cloud

IMPORTANT NOTE: the Cloud Recordings on Zoom will be deleted after 30 days as the college has limited storage for recordings.  However, the recordings will remain in your TECHSMITH library indefinitely.  Do NOT use the Zoom Cloud recording links to share with your students.

When you select to save your recording to the cloud, it will save to your Zoom Recordings list.  When you log into your Parkland Zoom account, and click Recordings and Cloud Recordings, you will see your list of recorded meetings.

However, the recording will also be automatically uploaded to your TechSmith Knowmia library as well.  So, once it has processed, you can log into Knowmia directly, locate your folder called Zoom Recordings (created automatically), and find your Zoom recording.  Click on it to start the captioning process.  Then you can add the link to your course in Cobra. See the KB article on TechSmith Knowmia for captioning and linking information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the Cloud Recordings on Zoom will be deleted after 30 days as the college has limited storage for recordings.  However, the recordings will remain in your TECHSMITH library indefinitely.  Do NOT use the Zoom Cloud recording links to share with your students.

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