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Microsoft 365 / Outlook / Google - The Importance of Signing Out of Your Account

Signing out of your Microsoft Office 365 /Outlook / Google account or application is extremely important, especially if you are using a shared machine as you might remain signed in even if you close the browser or restart the machine. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on Microsoft Office 365/Outlook, but the same idea applies to other accounts such as Google. What follows are instructions for selecting not to remain signed in as well as instructions for signing out of your Microsoft account.

Once you sign in, you may be prompted to choose if you want to remain signed in to your account. On machines that might be used by someone else, such as in labs, classrooms, shared offices, libraries, etc., you will want to select NO to the following Microsoft 365 prompt. Even when you select No, however, the machine may keep you signed in to Office 365/Outlook even after you have closed the browser and/or restarted the machine. In order to prevent the next user from gaining access to your account, you MUST always SIGN OUT of  Microsoft Office 365 in order to fully end your session and protect your privacy. Note: If you accidentally say Yes, to the prompt, signing out of your account will override that command. Please proceed with the steps below.

Stay Signed In Prompt - Select No

3. To Sign out, click on your account in the upper-right. It may appear as a picture of you (if you uploaded one), a generic person icon, or your initials. 

1  -OR-


4. Select Sign Out.

5. You will then see a confirmation that you have successfully signed out. You can now close out of the browser.

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