Cobra Learning: Discussion Grader

Cobra Learning Discussion Grader

Cobra Learning now has a custom discussion grader available for simplified grading of discussion topics. This tool was created for use with large discussion topics that are graded mostly on the number of posts. You can review and adjust grading based on the quality of the posts from within the tool.

Adding the Discussion Grader to your Cobra course

  1. Click on Edit Course in the nav bar.
  1. Select Homepages, and either:
    • Click on one of your homepages that can be edited; or
    • Create a new homepage (see KB article Homepage Management for assistance on creating a homepage)
  2. Select the Add Widgetbutton in the panel that you want the widget to reside.
    • Note: the larger the panel area, the better you will be able to work within the widget.

  1. Find the Discussion Grader widget in the list of Custom Widgets, check the box and click Add.
  1. Click Save and Close. (Make sure to Apply this Homepage).

Using the Discussion Grader in your Cobra course

  1. Access the Discussion Graderwidget on your course homepage.

    Discussion Grader 1

  2. Following the steps in the application, select the grade item from the menu.

    Discussion Grader 2

    Note: the list contains ALL grade items from the course. Make sure to select the discussion topic grade item from this list.

  3. From the list of Forums, select the one that contains the topic you need to grade and click Grade Topic.
  4. Click the link of the topicthat you want to grade.

    Discussion Grader 3

  5. Set up your scoring rubric. To add criterion, click Use Advanced Scoring.

    Discussion Grader 4

  6. Click Add Criterionto add additional scoring options.  Enter the grading points per criterion.

    Discussion Grader 5

  7. Click on Calculate Scores.

    Discussion Grade 6

    1. Expand Posts: you can select Expand Posts in order to view the actual threads and adjust the scoring in accordance with your grading policies. NOTE: If you are adjusting scores, please note that a file is created to upload these grades to the gradebook. If you regrade later and neglect to adjust these scores again, it will overwrite the adjusted scores in the gradebook. This is why it's best to grade when the discussion period is over and submit a grade file a single time to the gradebook.

      Show Names: by default only a system user ID is displayed, so if you want to see student names, you'll need to select the Show Names button.

  8. Discussion Grader 7

  9. Once you are finished grading the topic, click the Build CSVbutton.

    Discussion Grader 8

  10. Select the Download CSV link and Save File to your desktop (or wherever you can most easily find it, taking note of the file name - "D2L Forum Grades - Topic name").
  11. Next, select the Open D2L Grades Import Page.

    Discussion Grader 9

  12. Click the Choose File button (Step 1) and locate the downloaded CSV file. Click Continue.
  13. The file will be scanned for Errors and Warnings (Step 2), and then you will click the Continue button.
  14. The last step (Step 3) in the process will show you the Preview Import with student names and the score that will be imported.

    Discussion Grader 10

    1. Note: You cannot edit at this step, but you can cancel the process if you need to alter grades; or you can edit the grades from within the Cobra system.

  15. Click Importto complete the grading process.
    1. Note: Using the Discussion Grader does not mark the posts as read, you will still need to go back through and mark posts as read. Again, this process is best done when the posting/grading period has passed.

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