System Maintenance FAQ

Applications at Parkland undergo periodic maintenance to provide the latest features and security updates. The maintenance often requires the shutting down of services temporarily. Every effort is taken to minimize outages that can adversely impact our students and employees.

Q. I tried accessing a Parkland website/application but it said there was maintenance in progress?
A. During maintenance, you may see a web page that indicates maintenance is in progress.  This means the particular website is being updated.  Links to your commonly used applications will be listed on the page for you to access directly.

Q. Where can I access my applications when the website is down?
A. For any applications not listed on the maintenance page, you can click on the "My Apps" button to access your application dashboard.  Commonly used applications are also listed below:

•    My Apps –
•    Cobra Learning –
•    Email –
•    Microsoft Office 365 –
•    Self-Service -

Q. When will the system be back up?
A. Notifications of system outages will be sent to your Parkland email.  The duration and impact of any scheduled outage will be included in the notifications.  

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