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TechSmith Relay is now TechSmith Knowmia. Some references to the site and installation refer to Relay, but the branding on most things is now Knowmia. All functions and features remain the same.

TechSmith Knowmia (formerly Relay) on a Mac

NOTE: TechSmith Knowmia requires Mac OSX – Sierra or higher to use on a Mac.

Launch Recorder

To install the Launch Capture recorder on your Mac, log in to using your Parkland credentials and click on the Launch Capture button.

Launch capture button

On the next screen, click on the download button to get the TechSmith Capture app on your Mac.

Download TechSmith Capture

Once it has been downloaded, navigate to your Downloads folder to locate the .dmg file for install.  Double click this file.

Downloads folder with TechSmtihCapture file

This will open a window to have you drag the TechSmith Capture file into your Applications folder to start the install progress.

Drag Capture to Applications to start install
Follow the prompts and once it has been installed, click on your Applications folder to locate the TechSmith Capture file and confirm the installation.

Locate Capture in your Applications folder

Navigate back to your web browser and click the Relaunch button.  (If the relaunch button does not appear on your web browser, then refresh the browser window or click the Launch Capture button again on the Parkland TechSmith Relay site.

Relaunch TechSmith Capture


When asked if you want to allow this page to open Capture, click Allow.

Allow Capture to open.

Confirm that you want to open the Capture program.

Confirmation to open Capture

You should now have access to the abbreviated Record screen for Relay. Note that this image may be different for you...they are changing the way this screen looks in the updates, but as long as you have the red Capture button, you'll still be able to use it.  The screen area selection will be on the next screen when you click "Capture" but before you start recording.

Launch Capture screen.

Classic Recorder


To install the Classic Recorder, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Parkland TechSmith Relay site and then click Download Classic Recorder.

Download classic recorder

On the download page, click the Mac Download link.

Mac Download link for Classic Recorder


When the download is complete, navigate to the Downloads folder to locate the TechSmith installer package.  Double click the .pkg (installer package) file.

Techsmith Recorder in Downloads folder

You will be prompted through the installation process, starting with an introduction.  Click Continue.

Recorder install introduction


Then, the Read Me section of the install process.  Click Continue.

Recorder install Read Me screen

Finally, you’ll get to the install location and type screen.  Click the Install button.

Recorder install installation location and type


Once the install is complete, you’ll get a confirmation screen.

Recorder installation successful message

Navigation to the Applications folder to locate the TechSmith Relay program icon.

TechSmith Relay in Applications folder


Double click the link in Applications to launch the Classic Recorder.  (NOTE: you can also launch the Classic Recorder from the gear icon in the Parkland TechSmith Knowmia site.

Launch Classic Recorder.

Once you have launched the Classic Recorder, you’ll have the full menu of TechSmith Knowmia functions available.


Classic Recorder screen

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