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Honorlock Instructor Guide

Honorlock is an online proctoring software that records a student as they take their exam from anywhere.  A live proctor at Honorlock will review the exam video to denote any irregularities and prepare a report, but the video will be available almost immediately for you to review personally.

Honorlock has some added features like "search and destroy", a proprietary technology that searches the web for your test questions and then files a takedown notice to the sites to protect your test.  Another feature is multiple device detection, in which the software can detect if the same questions are being search on another device at the time the student is in the exam.  

The cost to students for Honorlock is $10 per exam.

Table of Contents:

  1. Add Honorlock to Course
  2. Enable Honorlock Proctoring in Quiz
  3. Link Exam
  4. Proctoring Settings
  5. Student Guidelines
  6. Accommodations / Exam Availability
  7. Exam Profiles
  8. View Proctoring Results
  9. Disable Exam
  10. Important Note about Passwords
  11. Third Party Exams
  12. Creating a Practice Exam

Add Honorlock to Course

Navigate to your course in Cobra and click the Course Admin link in the navigation bar.

Course Admin link on nav bar

Select Navigation and Themes from the site setup section.

Navigation and Themes

Click on the Active navbar to edit it.

Edit the navbar

Note: If the active navbar is not clickable, copy the currently active navbar (or default) to create a copy and then make this new navbar the active one.

Copy the navbar

Make the active navbar

In the edit navbar page, click Add Link.

Add Links button

Select Honorlock from the Add Links form (will be listed under Custom Links) and then slect Add. Click Save and Close. (You may need to make this your active navbar, if it is not already). The Honorlock tool should now be available on your course navbar.

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Enable Honorlock Proctoring in Quiz

Launch Honorlock by clicking the link on the navbar.

Launch Honorlock

The Honorlock instructor dashboard will load, automatically loading all quizzes within your Cobra course. To enable Honorlock on your quiz, simply click the Enable button next to the quiz you want proctored.

Honorlock Instructor Dashboard

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Proctoring Settings

Once the exam has been enabled, you can enable the Proctoring Settings of your choice. To enable a setting, simply click on the box for that setting. The blue checkbox will indicate that the option is enabled. Clicking on it again will deselect this option and turn it off. Depending on the options determined by your institution, you may or may not see all of these settings. Some options may include a lock icon indicating that your administrator doesn't allow this setting to be edited for all assessments.

proctoring settings (see table below for details)

Exam Options:

Record WebcamRecords HD video of the student’s face and testing environment using the webcam built into their device or external webcam.
Record ScreenRecords HD video of the exam taker’s laptop or desktop screen.
Record Web TrafficLogs and monitors the browser activity in Google Chrome during the exam.
Student PhotoRequires the exam taker to take a still picture prior to taking their assessment.
Student IDRequires the exam taker to take a picture with their webcam of their government issued photo ID, or their student photo ID. Honorlock will ensure the name on the ID matches with the name within Cobra.
Room ScanRequires that the exam taker show a 360 degree view of their testing environment and there will be onscreen messaging informing them of this. If you are requesting your exam takers show certain items - blank scratch paper, their cell phone being placed out of reach, etc. use the Additional Instructions section below to detail out what you’d like your exam takers to do for the Room scan.
Calculators (Basic and/or Scientific)Allows basic or scientific calculator during the assessment.  
Disable Copy/PastePrevents exam takers from copying exam content and pasting it outside of the assessment.
Disable PrintingPrevents access to the browser print function to print or export exam content.
Whitelist URLsGrants access via another Chrome tab to any sites that you add in below. That could be a link to the e-textbook, DESMOS for an online graphing calculator, or a link to any other web page your exam takers will need to complete the assessment. When adding your URLs in the box below, please make sure you click “Add Site” for each page you’re granting access to. Please include the link to that site or resources within the question stem itself, or the exam instructions so students can click on it.
Simulated - Not proctoredStudent will not be recorded or flagged.

*Browser Guard and Manual Review are not offered features in our subscription.

Student Guidelines

Next, select the Student Guidelines you deem applicable to this assessment. You’ll notice that we now have a list of items you can select to tell your exam takers what they can or cannot do during the assessment. We strongly encourage you to clarify or expand upon any or all of the items you choose to enable in the Additional Instructions section below the settings (click to expand that section). These guidelines and Additional Instructions will be visible to exam takers when starting their exam. 

 student guidelines settings (see table below for details)

Open Book AllowedAllows exam takers to utilize a physical book or e-book during their assessment. If allowing exam takers to use an e-book, you’ll need to include a link to that book in the Whitelist URLs section. 
Notes AllowedPermits exam takers to reference any physical notes they have in a notebook, binder, etc.
Scratch Paper AllowedExam takers can utilize multiple sheets of blank paper and a writing utensil during the assessment.  
Restroom Breaks AllowedPermits exam takers to leave the webcam view for a short period of time. The exam taker’s session will be flagged if they choose to utilize this. We encourage you to add additional instructions around the duration or frequency exam takers can use the restroom so that our proctors can provide specific instructions to exam takers if you’d like to limit those breaks.  Also inform students that the clock continues ticking and they will lose testing time when they take breaks.
Handheld CalculatorIndicates students can use a handheld calculator but not the calculator on their cell phone.
Headphones AllowedStudents can wear any headphones during their assessment.
Hats AllowedPermits exam takers to wear a baseball hat or hoodie on their head during the assessment. Honorlock will always allow exam takers to wear religious head coverings during assessments.
Take Exam in a Public AreaIndicates that exam takers can complete their assessment in a coffee shop, library, etc. where other people are around them and noise is present. Exam takers cannot interact with the other people in the testing environment.
Background Noise AllowedPermits exam takers to be in an environment where other people are talking, there’s excessive background noise, etc.

Accommodations / Exam Availability

These notes will only be visible to the Honorlock proctors. Whatever the accommodation may be, please include the exam taker name and the accommodation details in this section. 

You will also have the exam availability toggle. We suggest you leave this to the “no” option as default, which would respect the exam availability dates and times you set up within your course itself. Selecting “yes” here would allow the exam takers to see the assessment listed outside of that preset window you had previously selected.

Accommodations and exam visibility settings

Exam Profiles

At the top of the page, if you select Exam Profiles you can save current settings as a profile that you can select easily each time you enable an exam, rather than going through the process.

Save current settings as a profile

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View Proctoring Results

Click the Results button next to your enabled exam to view your exam proctoring results. From this page, you can view student test sessions and any incidents or violations.

View Results button

All students who have completed the exam will be listed and ready to review. You may sort the list of students by User, Student ID, Exam Started, Exam Ended, or Incident Level.

You can search for a specific student by utilizing the search field located at the top. You may also filter the student list by the following incident levels: Low, Medium, and High. To view a student's session click on the View Session button to the right of the incident level indicator for that particular student.

The exam taker's webcam footage will be displayed at the top left of the session viewer, while the screenshare recording will be positioned at the top right. 

You can review and analyze your student's exam session by utilizing the available playback options outlined below:

You also have the ability to control either of the recordings independently if needed. You can accomplish this by right clicking either the webcam recording or the screenshare recording and clicking on Show Controls. 

Once completed, you will have the ability to scan either the webcam recording or the screenshare recording. Below the recordings, you'll be able to navigate through the list of violations in order to view specific points of interest notated throughout the exam taker's session. To navigate to a specific violation within the recording, click on the violation within the session's log list

Below the recordings, you will also have the ability to review your exam specific guidelines, as well as reference the specific question associated with a notated violation. In this area, you may also reference chat logs conducted during the session, analyze occurrences of Multi-Device detection, and review audio transcripts. Please note that Viewer, Chat, and Transcript tabs are all dynamic and will only be visible if detected and/or recorded during the exam taker's session.

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Disable Exam

Click Settings to open the proctoring settings. 

Disable button

Scroll down to the bottom of the proctoring settings and select Disable to disable proctoring in your exam.

Click "OK" to confirm disabling of the exam from Honorlock.

Next you will need to remove the Honorlock information from your Cobra quiz.

Go to the Properties tab of your quiz and scroll down to the Description setting.  Select the yellow box in this description and click Delete on your keyboard to remove the Honorlock info from your exam instructions.

Delete Honorlock info from quiz

Then, go to the Restrictions tab of the quiz.

Remove password

Scroll down to the Optional Advanced Restrictions section and locate the Password input field. Delete the contents of the password field and click Save and Close.

When the access code and description have been removed, Honorlock proctoring has now been disabled in your Cobra quiz. 

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Important Information about Passwords

You should NEVER give the student a password on a proctored exam, regardless of what they tell you. This system will populate the password automatically if they have accessed the Honorlock system properly and paid for their service. If in doubt, refer the students to Honorlock's 24/7 live chat that is available within the exam (i.e., the small blue circle icon in the lower right of the screen).

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Third Party Exams

Through Honorlock, you have the option to offer proctored exams given in ANY third party platform such as Pearson MyMathLab, McGraw-Hill Connect, and WebAssign. 

Navigate to Honorlock in Cobra, and click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

Click Register Third Party Exam.

4) Name the Exam to match the name of the exam being administered within the third party platform. 

5) Next, set the Exam Start and Exam End times to match the start and end times of the exam being administered within the third party platform. In your third party platform, it is important to make sure that the exam is password-protected. 

6) Set a password in your third party platform for the exam and copy and paste it under Exam Password. If the password does not match, students will not be able to start the exam. If you do not set a password on the exam, students will be able to start the exam un-proctored. 

7) Lastly, type in your third party exam platform name under Exam Platform.

Follow the proctored exam settings as described in the Proctoring Settings above to set up your proctored exam.

Make sure to click the blue Create button to save your settings. Your third party exam is now created and enabled with Honorlock! Third party exams will be identified with a third party exam icon. 

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Creating a Practice Exam

To create a practice exam for your students to get used to the Honorlock system, go to Honorlock and locate the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

Select Add Practice Exam.

At the next prompt, click Download to access the practice test file.

Once downloaded, proceed to click on Course Admin in Cobra. Select Import / Export / Copy Components.

Select Import Components > From a course package, then click Start.

Now you are ready to upload the file you previously downloaded, This can be done by either clicking Upload, or by dropping the file into the presented window. Once completed, select Import All Components, which will initiate the import process.

Once the import is completed, you will receive a confirmation screen. You can go back to your exam list located within the Honorlock link found in your course.  

You will notice that a Practice Exam has now been generated for you and will display in the list.  

Now that you have successfully added a Practice Exam, it’s time to enable it with Honorlock. Click the blue Enable button.

Follow the proctored exam settings as described in the Proctoring Settings above to set up your proctored exam.

Click the blue Enable button to save your settings. Your practice exam is now enabled with Honorlock! Exams that are Honorlock enabled will display the blue Honorlock shield.

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Summer: 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. M-Th

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