Parkland Email Accounts and Usage Policy

This language is from sections 3.41 and 3.41.01 of the Parkland College Policy and Procedures Manual which was published in July, 2018.

Parkland College uses email as an official means of communication. All Parkland employees and retirees, students, and others as determined by College administration are issued an official Parkland email account. Parkland email services are the official email services to be used for instruction, instructional support, advising, service, administration, and college-related correspondence in support of the College’s mission. The College has the right to send communications via email and expect those communications to be read in a timely fashion.

Parkland email users are expected to comply with and are subject to all Federal, State, and College rules, regulations, and procedures when using email.

Users are responsible for safeguarding their username and password and for using them only as authorized. Sharing email accounts and/or passwords with another person, or attempting to obtain access to another person’s account is prohibited. Each user is responsible for all email transactions made under the authorization of his or her Parkland email username.

Users who choose to access the Parkland email, calendar, and contacts system on their personal devices are responsible for following security procedures and guidelines as defined by Campus Technologies.

Email addresses will be listed in the email directory and other appropriate College publications as allowed by the federal and state laws and regulations. The College is not responsible for the handling of email by non-Parkland email systems. The College has the right, when required by applicable law, to access, review, and release all electronic information that is transmitted or stored by the College whether or not such information is private in nature. Confidentiality or privacy of electronic mail cannot be guaranteed.

Email is subject to all pertinent laws regarding sharing or transmission of sensitive information, such as:

1. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

2. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

3. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Inappropriate Use:

The College’s email systems and services are not to be used for purposes that could be reasonably expected to strain storage or bandwidth.

Inappropriate use of Parkland email systems and services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Email for unlawful purposes such as copyright infringement, obscenity, libel, slander, fraud, defamation, plagiarism, harassment, intimidation, forgery, impersonation, soliciting for pyramid schemes, and computer tampering. 

  • Email that violates Parkland College’s policies, rules, or administrative orders.

  • Viewing, copying, altering, or deletion of email accounts or files belonging to Parkland College or another individual without authorized permission.

  • Opening email attachments from unknown or unsigned sources.

  • Excessive personal use of Parkland email resources which is defined as use that would interfere with productivity, pre-empt any business activity, or consume more than a trivial amount of resources. Limited personal use for communication with family and friends, independent learning, and public service is permitted.

  • Use of Parkland email systems and services for non-Parkland commercial activity, political campaigning, and dissemination of chain letters.

  • Use of Parkland email by people not associated with the College.

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