wePresent Software Installation for Audio (Mac)

While using the MirrorOp application for Mac, you might have a need to mirror audio as well. Unfortunately wePresent makes video and audio two separate installations. Below are instructions for installing the audio feature.

1.    While the MirrorOp application is running, enable the audio feature by clicking the speaker icon as shown.
2.    You will prompted with a question about installing the audio driver. Select OK.
3.    A blank browser window will appear due to downloading the audio driver.
4.    Once downloaded (the default location for Mac web browsers to download to is the Downloads folder), launch the Soundflower.pkg and click Continue until you reach a screen that prompts to Install.
5.    When you reach the prompt to Install, select Install.
6.    Now you’ll be prompted for your credentials to install the audio driver. Enter those and select Install Software. If your credentials do not work, either the name or password is incorrect or the account being used does not have administrator privileges.
7.    Once you have selected Install Software, it will install the software and the following window should appear. Select Close
8.    With the release of macOS Sierra 10.12, you might see the following prompt. It’s recommended that you move it to the trash. 
This completes the steps to installing the audio driver for MirrorOp to work with audio.

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