Office 365 (Web) – Disable Conversation View in Outlook

An issue has recently come to light that is related to a default view setting in Outlook on the Web. Outlook on the Web is the version accessed through the email icon on the portal as well as the email widget within Cobra. Most of our students and a great number of our faculty use this version. Outlook on the Web defaults to “Conversation” view which groups all related emails sharing the same subject line together. While some users find this feature convenient, others find it difficult to locate and respond to certain emails quickly as it collapses the content within a conversation thread. As a result, some students and faculty have missed important messages related to class content and exams. Users have the option to change this view setting if they wish.

The solution is for Outlook on the Web users to change the view from "Conversations" to "Messages". Please note that if a sender has updated their view from "Conversations" to "Messages", this will have no bearing on how the recipient/s see the message as it is a view setting tied to the individual user. Please watch the video for instruction or follow the simple steps below.

Video Instruction

1. Select Inbox as the active e-mail folder. Inbox will be the default. Please note: This setting is made on a per folder basis. If you would like to change the setting for additional folders, you will need to follow the sames steps below for each of those folders.

You will know if Inbox is the active folder if it is highlighted.
 <strong>1.</strong> Make sure that Inbox is the active e-mail folder you are viewing.

2. Click on All.

3. In the "View As" section at the bottom of the popup, it will show the default view which is "Conversations".
conversation default

4. You will want to instead click on the option above it which is "Messages".
select messages

5. It will change your default view to Messages. To confirm, you can click on All just as you did in step 2 and you will now see a check mark next to Messages instead of Conversations.

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