Parkland College - General Technology Information / FAQ (for Employees)

1. How do I access technology related information and resources?

Please visit the Technology Services tab on 

2. How do I quickly report issues and problems to the Tech Service Desk?
If it is an emergency (preventing you from being able to do your job), please call 217-353-3333 or select Report an IT Issue via You may also stop by and visit us in room A184.

Report an IT Issue

3. How do I request something new that requires chair/director approval such as access to an application, an equipment move, a Teams phone number, an equipment quote, network drive access, etc.?

Select Submit Service Request via For more information please see [Link for document 58626 is unavailable at this time]

Submit a Service Request button

4. Is there a way to access technology related information and how-to guides if I want to try solving an issue by myself?

Yes! The Parkland College KnowledgeBase is an excellent searchable database loaded with instructions on a wide variety of IT-related topics and issues. You can access the KB by going to

In addition to the KnowledgeBase, Parkland College also offers employees and students FREE access to LinkedIn Learning (formerly which contains thousands of professional video tutorials created by industry experts on topics ranging from Microsoft Outlook to digital photography - online anytime, anywhere. Please navigate to
LinkedIn Learning (for Parkland Employees and Students) - Access and Navigation 

Finally, a wealth of Microsoft Office 365 help articles on Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, OneNote, Office, etc. can be accessed at

5. How will I receive notification if there is an issue or potential outage of one of Parkland’s systems such as Cobra?

IT event notices and alerts get sent via email to all Parkland employees. 

6. What if I forget or want to change my ParklandOne password or update my mobile number for that system? 
Please navigate to and sign with your ParklandOne username.  You will then be presented with options to accomplish all of the above. Please see the following KB article for additional information: ParklandOne - FAQ
7. What is multifactor authentication (MFA) and why am I being asked to set this up for access to Parkland systems?
MFA helps safeguard data and applications. It provides additional security, above and beyond your ParklandOne password, by requiring a second form of authentication (something that you own such as a mobile phone or security key). 

8. Can I access Office 365 and/or Outlook via the web?

Yes! Simply navigate to versions of all the apps can be found on the left side of the screen and will allow for access from any machine, anywhere. Note: If you want to install Microsoft Office on a personal machine, simply click on the Install apps button towards the upper right.. Microsoft Office is already installed by default on all Parkland machines, however, there may not be shortcuts on the desktop. If not, search for "Word", for example, and select the "Word app".

9. What if I want to access the installed client version of Outlook from my Parkland office computer?
The client version of Outlook is more full-featured than the web version and it is installed on all Parkland office machines by default (for security reasons, it is not installed on any Parkland machines that are shared, including instructor stations, part-time faculty offices, etc.). There will not be an icon for it on the desktop, so you will want to search for "Outlook" and select the "Outlook app."   

10. How do I access the Microsoft Teams application?  Many Parkland employees use MS Teams for communication and collaboration. Anyone can access the web-based version from anywhere on any machine via the online Office 365 portal at, If you wish to install Teams on a personal device, click on the Teams icon on the left and it should prompt you to to install. If it doesn't, click on the three dots (settings and more) in the upper right and select "Download the desktop app". Please note that the Teams client is already installed by default on Parkland office machines. You will not necessarily see a shortcut for it on the desktop. If not, search for "Teams" and select the "Teams app".   

11. Is there a dashboard where I can see all of the applications that I have access to?
Yes, please navigate to

12. How do I access Wi-Fi at Parkland?
It is recommended that you use the “PCNet” SSID as opposed to the general “Parkland” network. The primary benefit of using “PCNet” is that it allows you to connect automatically without requiring you to sign in each day. Wi-Fi - Access "PCNet" (for employees)

13. Is there a secure place where I can store my personal Parkland-related files? What about files that are shared with others in my department? 
Yes! The H: drive provides each employee with 10GB of space that is backed up and only accessible by the user it is assigned to. All work-related files should be stored here if they do not need to be accessed by anyone else. For files that need to be accessed by multiple people in your department, please use utilize the N:drive instead. 

H: Drive FAQ

N: Drive FAQ

Please note that in order to access these drives from outside of the Parkland network, you must be on a Parkland laptop laptop that has GlobalProtect VPN installed on it. Microsoft OneDrive is an additional recommended option for file storage. 

14. What if I want to connect to the Parkland VPN (GlobalProtect) from off-campus?
In order to connect to the Parkland VPN, you must be on a Parkland-owned laptop that has GlobalProtect and SentinelOne (for security purposes) installed on it. VPN is required for access to Colleague, your H: and N: network drives, and more from off-site. 

VPN Usage - Windows

15. How do instructors log in on instructor station computers?
Please note that most generic instructor machine logins were removed for security purposes just prior to the fall 2021 semester. As such, in most cases, faculty will need to sign onto the instructor station in the labs/classrooms with their ParklandOne credentials. 

16. How do applications get updated at Parkland on Windows machines?

Installing Applications & Managing Updates on Parkland Computers (Windows) 

VPN Usage - Mac

17. Why am I receiving daily messages from "Parkland College Email Security Gateway"? 

This is the Parkland College email spam filter.  For more information on message handling and how it works, please see Parkland College Email Spam Filter .

18. Is there a way for me to send email and files securely to non-Parkland email addresses? 
Yes, you can do so via SecureMail at
For more information, please see SecureMail - Overview .

Tech Service Desk

Room A184, 217-353-3333

Fall/Spring: 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. M-Th. / 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Fridays

Summer: 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. M-Th

Submit an IT Help Ticket via

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