Off-Campus Access to Library Databases

Troubleshooting access to library research databases from off-campus.

To access research and article databases from off-campus, you must:


Our off-campus access tool, called EZProxy, rarely goes down.  Most issues are related to your computer or computing environment. 

Here are the TOP THREE issues, and quick steps to try and resolve them.

  1. Firewalls.  Are you trying to log on from work?  Do you have a firewall set up on your computer or home network?  Either of these things can prevent you from logging in to the library.  Fix:  Try logging in from a less restricted location (home if you’re currently trying from work) or talk to your network administrator.
  2. Browsers.  Sometimes it helps to clear your browser, close it, or even try access through an different browser--that is, Firefox instead of Internet Explorer or vice versa.  A complete reboot never hurts.
  3. Password.  If you can’t get past the password challenge, remember that you need to use your ParklandOne credentials. If you can't remember those or they don't work, contact the Tech Service Desk for further assistance.
If you are convinced none of these are an issue, contact the library (373-3839) and we will work with you to resolve your connection problem.

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