How do I Look Up my Parkland College ID Number?

Your Parkland College ID Number (also known as your ParklandOne ID number) is a unique 7-digit number assigned to you by the College that is used for identification purposes. Students will receive this number when they receive their welcome letter from Parkland. It will also be printed on your Parkland College ID card. If you ever need to look up your number, please follow the steps below.

1. You can look up your Parkland College ID number by clicking here. This brings you to a page that is used to look up your ParklandOne username, however, it will also generate your ID number.

2. The first thing it asks you for is your ParklandOne ID number which is a little bit confusing since this is what you're trying to find out. 

3. Click on the link that says, "Can't find your number?" as pictured below - OR - enter your social security number in the "ParklandOne ID Number" field instead. Next, enter your birth date (MM/DD/YYYY) and then click Continue. Don't have an SSN or need additional assistance? Please contact the Tech Service Desk at 217-353-3333.


3. Once you click Continue, it will give you your ParklandOne username and Parkland College ID number as pictured below.


4. Click Continue once more and it will take you back to the ParklandOne login screen or you can exit out of the system.

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