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Cobra Learning - Office 365 and Changes to Email


Office 365 and Changes to Email

  1. Cobra Learning Email Changes
  2. Office 365 Widget
  3. Upload OneDrive files to a dropbox

Cobra Learning Email Changes

On March 21st, 2016, Cobra Learning Email will be going away. You will still be able to send messages from within Cobra Learning, but you will no longer have a Cobra Learning email address or inbox. This change also brings the new Office 365 widget which gives you a quick view of your Outlook email, calendar and OneDrive files. You can also now upload assignments to a dropbox from your OneDrive account.

Let’s start by looking at the changes to the email system. First, you will notice if you click on the email alerts icon, the text has changed from “Go to Email” to “Compose Email”.


When you click on that link you will be taken to a Compose New Message page.


This page is similar to how the email system worked in the past with some slight differences. If you click on the address book, you will see that only external email address are displayed. There are no longer internal email address. For instance, Also, there is a new “Sent Mail” button.


This will take you to a page where you can view any messages you have sent from within Cobra Learning.


On the settings page, you can choose to have a copy of any sent messages put in your Sent Mail Folder and also send a copy to your Parkland email address. You can fill in the "Reply to" field so that anyone who replies to messages sent from within Cobra Learning will go to the email address entered here. You can also create an Email Signature.


Note: On March 21, 2016, you will no longer have access to your Cobra Learning Inbox. If you wish to keep any messages in your Inbox you need to forward them to an alternate email address. We suggest your address.

Note: You will still be able to email other users from the Classlist page. The only difference is the message will go to their external ( email address.

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Office 365 Widget

The new Office 365 Widget will give you a quick view of you Inbox, Calendar, and OneDrive folder.

EmailWidget.PNG CalendarWidget.png OneDriveWidget.PNG

Top Buttons

  1. You can use the buttons at the top of the widget to access the web interface of that tool.
  2. The number show how many new notifications you have for that tool.



The tabs under the top buttons will let you select which tool to view in quick view. Clicking on any tab will update the quick view panel below.


Quick Viewer

The quick viewer displays the 20 most recent emails in your inbox, the next 10 upcoming events on your calendar, or the files in your OneDrive folder, depending on which tab you have selected. Clicking anywhere inside the quick viewer area will open the web interface of that tool.


Note: The first time you use the widget you will be asked to sign into your Office 365 account. After logging in using your Parkland One credentials, you will not be asked to do so again.

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Upload OneDrive Files to a dropbox

Once you have connected your Office 365 account to Cobra Learning, you will be able to upload files from your OneDrive account to a dropbox within Cobra Learning.

To submit a One Drive file to a dropbox:

  1. Click the Choose Existing button
  2. DropboxChooseExisting.png
  3. Select the OneDrive Files option
  4. OneDriveUpload.png
  5. Select the file you wish you upload and click Add

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