Campus Technologies - Work Request Tutorial

Campus Technologies – Work Request

A work request is used to request services from Campus Technologies or to initiate an IT Project. 

Work request link:  Parkland Faculty/Staff can submit a work request through the “Submit Work Request” link on the Technology Services page or by using a direct link to the request form.


Work Request Field Instructions

Title:  Enter the title of your work request.  This is a free form text field.  The title should give a very high overview of what you are requesting.

Contact Information Section

Requestor Name:  This should be the name of the person who is requesting for work to be done.  It is often but not always the person who is filling out the work request form.  How to populate the name field is described below.

Request Approver:  This should be the name of the person who has authority to approve the request at the departmental level (director or department chair).  Please note that directors/chairs who submit their own work requests should also list their name in the approver field. The approver will receive an email from "IT Management" asking them to approve the request through the provided link. How to populate the name field is described below.

Department:  The name of the department the work will be completed for should be entered in this field.

Point of Contact Phone Number:  The phone number to contact for more information regarding the request. 

Ways to populate names within the Work Request form.

  1. Enter the username and click the person icon.  If the username exists in the directory, the full name will be returned.

        redo 1

      2. Browse to locate the correct name.  Leave the requestor name field blank and click the address book icon.

          redo 3

The "Select People" pop up will open.  You can enter any part of a name, then either click the search icon or click the enter key on your

redo 4


A list of names that match your query will be returned.  Please note that that all employees will have a Ms. or Mr. prefix before their name thus when sorted alphabetically, the name will show up under "M". In addition, Parkland student names will be included in the list. Click the appropriate name, then click OK.  The appropriate name will be populated in the field on the work request form.

                 people picker redo

people picker redo 2

Request Type

Select the appropriate work request type based on your need.  The available work request types include:  Service Request, Development, Colleague or Small IT Project, Large Project / ITPR Template Request, Report Request, Consultant Request, and Academic and Instructional Projects.


Work Request Type definitions and process information

Service Request - Services related to hardware, software, network, Audio-Visual,or phone.  This request type replaces the paper form that was previously used.  Please note - this is not for reporting problems or issues related to hardware, software, network, or phones. To report issues, please select the “Report a Problem” icon on the Technology Services page.

Development, Colleague or Small IT Project -  Work related to applications Campus Technologies supports including but not limited to Colleague, SharePoint, fit in this category as well as requests for new development.  This category should not be used if required resource hours will be greater than 50 or budget requirements are greater than $10,000. 

Large Project/IT Project Requests (ITPR) Template Request – This category should be used for any work that requires more than 50 resource hours or more than $10,000 budget.  Typically this will be requests for new IT development. 

Report Request – If you need a new report created, please choose this work request type. 

Consultant Request – This work request type can be used for internal or external consultant time.  There may be situations when you need to discuss a situation or idea with Campus Technologies and you are unsure of who to contact, you can use this request type to get the right person involved.  This request type should also be used if you need some external consultant time.

Academic and Instructional Projects – Users in Academic units should select this request type.  They must be requested by the department chair and approved by the Dean. 


Additional Fields applicable to all Work Requests


Multiple attachments can be included in a work request.  Attachments are not required, but they may include requirements information, proposals, or other supporting information. 




Please select the appropriate priority for the request.  The default priority is (2) Normal. 



Request Description

The request description section should be used to describe what is being requested.  It should include the desired outcome and enough details so Campus Technologies can accurately review and assign the request.  The request description field is limited to 600 characters.  If the description cannot fit in the allowable characters, please attach a file to the request that includes the entire description.  If your description is longer than 600 characters, an error will be displayed and you will be unable to save or submit your request.

Due Date

Please enter the date that the request needs to be completed before.  Service Requests require a minimum of one week.  Other work request types require a minimum of two weeks.  Additional time may be needed for requests requiring more work or during peak work times.

Submit Request

The Submit Request button should be clicked when you have completed all necessary fields in your work request and you are ready to submit it.

Reference / Look Up an Existing Request

To open an existing request, go to the Technology Services page at, click on “My Work Requests”, then click on the name of your work request.  



Fields Applicable to Service Requests Only

Room Number: Please enter the room number where the service is to be performed.

Room Type: Please select the type of room where the service is to be performed.  The choices are Computer Lab, Classroom, Office, or Other.

Service Recipient: Please enter the username of the person who the services are intended for. For assistance with this, please see the “Ways to populate names within the Work Request form” section above.

Priority: Please always allow one week minimum for completion.  The default priority is (2) Normal, but you can also select (1) High, or 3 (Low).





See Also:

Tech Service Desk: Contact and Hours

In-Person Assistance: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., M-F, room A184

Phone/Virtual Assistance: 217-353-3333 *

Fall/Spring: 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. M-Th. / 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Fridays

Summer: 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. M-Th