Parkland Wi-Fi (Faculty and Staff Access) - Connecting to PCNet - Windows 7

You will need to configure your personal device to access the Devices network. The primary benefit of using the Devices network as opposed to the Parkland network is that it allows you to connect automatically without requiring a username/password each day. It is for employees only.

Parkland Wi-Fi (Faculty and Staff) - Connecting to PCNet from iOS Devices

NOTE: The "PCNet" SSID has been designed to replace both the "Campus" and "Devices" SSIDs. Please delete "Devices" and use "PCNet" moving forward.

•Intended for use by Parkland employees for both personal devices and Parkland-owned devices (that weren't previously set up on the "Campus" SSID). 

For Parkland-owned devices that previously connected to the "Campus" SSID, please see Document 63443 is unavailable at this time. .

•Logins with ParklandOne credentials will be stored and retained preventing the need to authenticate on a daily basis.
•Traffic on the PCNet SSID is encrypted. (Note: user must accept the SSL certificate when prompted).
•Personal devices will be given limited access to Parkland network resources.
•Parkland-owned devices will be granted full access to the Parkland network.
•Note: When first connecting to PCNet, additional information must be provided.  Enter your ParklandOne username and password when prompted for Identity and Password.  Leave all other entries blank or at the default.


  1. In the lower right hand corner, right click on the wireless symbol.

  2. Select the “PCNet” network.

  3. Click the Connect” icon .

  4. Enter your ParklandOne username and password.

  5. Click OK”.

The computer should automatically connect to PCNnet whenever the machine is on Campus.


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