ParklandOne - Forgot My Password; Can't Sign On to Parkland Windows Workstation

This article is intended for Parkland employees who are unable to sign on to their Parkland office workstation because they haven't yet created or forgot their ParklandOne password. This process will allow Windows users to access Password Station from a link on the sign-in screen entitled "I forgot my password...". The same link will also appear when unlocking a workstation. The link is to the Avatier secure browser and

The image below shows a typical sign-on screen. Notice that there are two options labeled "Other user" in the lower left. To access the "I forgot my password..." link, the bottom/square one must be selected.
ParklandOne link on Windows Workstation

When the I forgot my password... link is clicked, the Avatier Secure Browser will open to 

ParklandOne Username Prompt

Users may follow the instructions on this site to enroll in ParklandOne (if they are a first time user), change their password, reset their password, or modify their previous enrollment. After successfully changing the user's password, they can click on the close button in the top left to return to the sign-on screen and sign into Windows.

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