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Replace Strings

Replace strings, sometimes referred to as display configuration variables, are configuration variable names enclosed in curly braces {} that are automatically replaced by the corresponding configuration variable values. For example, if you enter the text {OrgUnitID} into a document, when you view the document you will see the Organization Unit ID (ou #) of the course.

Replace strings are used in all tools that use HTML Editor. However, evaluation rules for the replace strings vary with the tool as follows:

Replace strings are particularly useful within the following:

For example, if the text {UserName} is in the code of a custom widget for a course home page, users in that course will see their user names displayed.

The available replace strings are:

Organization replace string Description
{OrgId} ID number of the organization.
{OrgName} Name of the organization.
Org Unit replace string Description
{OrgUnitId} ID # of the organization unit.
{OrgUnitName} Name of the organization unit.
{OrgUnitCode} Code for the organization unit.
{OrgUnitTypeId} ID number of the type of the organization unit.
{OrgUnitPath} Path to files for the organization unit.
User replace string (Unavailable in the Content tool) Description
{UserId} ID number of the user. This value is used internally by the system.
{UserName} Full name of the user or the username entered to log on.
{OrgDefinedId} Organization ID. This is an identifier specified by the campus for the user.
{FirstName} First name of the user.
{LastName} Last name of the user.
{Email} User's email address.
Role replace string (Unavailable in the Content tool) Description
{RoleId} Internal ID number for user's role.
{RoleCode} Code for user's role.
{RoleName} Name of user's role.
Mail Template replace string Description
{HelpDeskEmail} Email address of the Help Desk.
{HelpDeskName} Name for the Help Desk.
{LoginPath} URL of the login path for this site.
{PasswordResetLink} Link for users to reset their passwords.

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