Office 365 (Outlook 2019 Mac) - Respond to a Meeting Request

When invited to a meeting through Outlook 2019, there are for actions that you can take: Accept, Decline, Tentative, and Propose New Time. Until you act on the meeting invite, Outlook automatically sets your reply to Tentative. The date and time of the meeting will also be marked as Tentative in your calendar.

1.  A Meeting request can be seen in your Inbox, and is very similar to an e-mail.  When you select the message in your Inbox, you will see a window with the organizer’s name, and the date, time, and length of the meeting.  You will also see a list of buttons to choose whether you want to Accept, Decline, or Propose New Time, or whether the meeting is tentative on something.  This window will also show you a view of your current calendar and show any conflicts with this meeting.

Meeting request menu

Note:  You don't have to act on a meeting request right away; however, if you delete a meeting request, it will decline the meeting automatically.

2.  When you respond to a meeting request, you will also have three options on whether you also want to also leave a response with your choice.

Respond request dropdown

3.  After you respond to a meeting request, the request will be removed from your Inbox.

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