Office 365 (Outlook 2019 Mac) - Add a Contact From an Email Mesage

Add a Contact from an E-mail Message

From an e-mail message, you can easily add a new contact in Outlook.

1. First, scroll on the sender's name.

2. A box will appear and will have a list of icons at the bottom.  Click on the last icon (when you scroll on it, a Tool tip will display Open Outlook contact...).

Open contact

3. A new window will appear.  In the new window, click the button Add to Contacts in the upper right corner while in the Contact tab.

Add to contacts

4. You have now added a new contact to your list of contacts.  To see your list of contacts, select the Contact icon at the bottom left corner of the main Outlook window.

Contact view switcher

Note: Outlook saves any information about the sender that is stored in the Exchange Global Address List (GAL), such as company name, job title, department, telephone number, and e-mail address.

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